The Cyclops Shark

Found in the coast of California

There's a lot of animals in the same relative area

but the cyclops shark is one of a kind it is related to the shark but its not in the same size or weight.

Facts about the cyclops shark

  1. It has no teeth
  2. 11 inch's in length
  3. It has a human like eye

The year the Cyclops Shark was found

The Cyclops Shark was found around 2011. In the Gulf of California

The Detail's

A fisherman found the Cyc Shark was found in a pile of his fish, It stuck out because its a white and yellow mix. It has one eye made of functional optical tissue. It has no teeth, Which lead's me to think that it eats small plants that flow through the sea. that concludes my thought.
Strange Cyclops Shark Caught