Austin Chastain

Career Project


My family is caring about everyone who is hurt or down in any kind of way, family or not.My family social and likes to be around people.


I enjoy hanging out with my family and meeting new people. I like to play basketball or football with my friends or my cousins. I also enjoy traveling to see new places. One career that interests me and my hobbies is a Archaeologist because I love to travel and find new things.


"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right" - Henry Ford

Personality Traits

My personality can be described as caring for people around me, comical or outgoing in bad situations, and a good listener to people who need to talk to somebody. The two highest personality results were social and and realistic which realistic can compare to an archaeologist.


I am good at analyzing things by playing video games and concentrating on that game which can be compared to a video game designer. I am also good at basketball because for the past two years I have practiced hard enough to actually consider my self as a pro basketball player.

Multiple Intelligence

My strongest multiple intelligence is being sociable to people around me.

Careers that match this intelligence ; Social media manager, Senior strategist, and and a community manager.


My top three life values are; God, family, and education.

My top three work values are; Good sense of achievement, complete with others, and feeling respected.

Career Cluster

My career cluster is Business and administration. Some jobs for this career cluster is Marketing manager, Financial manager, and a health care administrator.


"If you do not step forward, the answer will always be no" - Unknown


My activities at school include select men choir and playing basketball.

My activities outside of school include playing basketball, eating out, playing video games, and hanging out with friends and family.

Ways to improve

1. I need to put more effort into my school work so I can have a better education in the future.

2. I should treat my friends with more respect as the same way they respect me.

3. I want to reach my goals that me, my parents, and my friends want me to achieve.


"If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it" - Unknown

It's all good

My parents make me proud everyday by putting a roof over my head, feeding me, and by taking care of me.

I get satisfied by knowing that some people love me and care about me.

I get happy by staying positive trough out the day and having a good relationship for the people closest to me.

My future

Someday I am going to be a Archaeologist, Architect, Marketing Manager, Financial Manager, or work in the Military.