Chapter Mazkirim responsibilities

and Guidelines

Remember, I’m here to help! If you have questions about the stuff here, or anything else you need, Maz-related or not, feel free to ask! Being on board is tough, and for many this is their first position. No problem is too small to be solved :D


- Send it out the same day each week! NoVA News is going out on Tuesdays, so you may or may not want to send it out that day.

- Must be approved by the Council Maz – that’s me, Erica! Send me a draft TWO days before and I can check over it and provide feedback. Let me know that it's a draft by putting (DRAFT) in the subject, just don't forget to take it out!

- Once approved, send it to your chapter and prospects, as well as: your adviser, Hannah/Danny and Joanna. It helps to format the sending like this:

o TO: Chapter N’siah/Godol

o CC: Advisor, Hannah/Danny, Joanna

o BCC: Your chapter, prospects

- Why BCC? No one wants a huge list of names before they get to the body of an email. It looks bad. Plus you need to keep their email addresses private.

- Themes, colors, etc. are good, they get people interested, but they can be tricky to balance with email content; you’ll find the style you like to use, but you should also listen to feedback on it.

- Use the same font within each email – it’s messy otherwise! But you can change up the font every week.

- Use Teen Reports on Dashboard to get a list of chapter members.


- Phone calls must happen for every event and convention; you would be surprised by how many people won’t know about an event until you call them. They should happen the week before, not the week of an event, though earlier would be even better!

- Schedule: Phone calls do not have to happen at a set time, though bi-weekly phone calls to members is a good pattern to start – they will appreciate and expect the call

- Chairs: a Calls or Communications Chair can really help you when you here; if your chapter can spare it, make a simple application – you’re burden will be lessened and another person gets some board-like experience. A Communications Chair can also pick up where you might not be so great – they can tweet for your chapter, help with email themes, maintain the website, etc. (but remember, all of those things are still your responsibility)

- Phone trees: In my personal opinion, these rarely work, but if you can pull it off, more power to you.


- Facebook: every event should have a matching Facebook event that includes a photo, a professional title, and a description which includes: time, date, location, cost, and any other pertinent information (like if food will be served)

- Twitter: It would be fun to tweet every day, but if you don’t have time, try to do it at least three times a week – the week before an event is coming up, try to mention it more frequently and include links to

- Videos: These are so much fun and can really pump up events, but they are also very time-consuming to make. If you want to use videos, I suggest something monthly which you can do with your Saphranit and you can include snippets from each board member to give members a good picture of your chapter. Bloopers are also great!

- Texting: This is great to let people know there’s an event coming up, and then remind them about it the day of or the day before – but do not rely on texting. Make your texts professional.

- Flyers: They’re fun and easy to make. You can include them in emails, and mail them to people.


- You’ll find that people don’t check websites all that often, but your chapter should still have a quality website. You want something good when they do come looking :D

- You should try to archive as much stuff as possible from your chapter: newsletters, videos, a list of events, the past Exec Boards – your members will love it!


- Yes, you are in charge of this. Yes, it is important.

- Include something about StandUp! in every email: a link to your cause, a two-sentence blurb from your Shlicha (they can send it to you every week, it’s not much to ask), whatever works. Your first email of the term should introduce what your StandUp! cause is more thoroughly; after that, a brief mention is okay.

- Plan and run StandUp! Advocacy programs at events – these can be really fun and interesting! People will get involved more than you expect. You don’t have to run one at every event, but remind your S’ganit to work with you to include advocacy in some, and that you’re a resource to check off that Social Action-fold on a PPF.


- It is the Mazkirah’s job to make sure your chapter is informed about what’s happening on the International level in BBYO, and it is important, especially now that BBYO’s global presence is growing year by year.


- It is your job to take notes, called ‘minutes’, at every meeting. Try to follow an outline, so you’re including all the important information. Once you find a good way of taking minutes, stick to it. Consistency is your friend. Make sure to send your N’siah (and/or board) the minutes afterward.

- Post minutes from meetings on your website for the rest of the chapter – board transparency is good and you will be the one to facilitate a lot of it; link the minutes to Facebook and Twitter.


- International Initiatives are campaigns and causes the International Order launches as a whole. For example, StandUp! is an Initiative for more community service and philanthropy, whereas SpeakUp! is all about Israel advocacy and being aware of what is currently going on in Israel.

- Like StandUp! Advocacy, your job is to keep your chapter informed on what these initiatives are, what the Order is doing with these initiatives, and find fun ways for your chapter to get in on them.


- Plan out a system for each event which includes some or all of the methods of publicity mentioned above, but also keep track of how different members like to be contacted. Sometimes you can’t use the same system for everyone.

- Facebook groups: Don’t neglect yours! It should be a place for your chapter to advertise events, let members know what the chapter board to the international order are up to! They should also be a place to introduce new members, or post funny stuff.

- Respond to all emails, but specifically counterpart emails, within 24 hours – if you can’t do the full response within that time email back saying so and that you’ll respond later – and then do!


- Create a publicity chart on Google docs for every event – a full list of members + prospects, with columns like reached on the phone, responded to Facebook event, answered text, etc. and if they are attending

- Send e-mails with an interesting riddle or puzzle that will keep people checking their e-mails for the answer (this is Michaela’s idea)

- Update your Chapter Directory

- Have a Google calendar for all events your members should know about (int’l, regional, etc.)

- Work with your MIT Mom to start bi-weekly emails to MITs as well

- Communicate with parents! Work with your advisor to email them at least every month