The Seahorse: An Ocean Wonder

Ethan Kaufman


Did you know that the scientific name for seahorse is Hippocampus? That’s just one of the many amazing things about the seahorse. This water-dwelling creature has an interesting habitat, a beautiful appearance, and a very peculiar diet. Overall, these beings are just really fantastic animals! Here’s what I mean by that…


Now you know many facts about this incredible creature (which also lives an average of four years). This was just five paragraphs. There is much more to learn about the spiky swimmers known as seahorses. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to read more about them.

Go Fish

I enjoyed the Go Fish project very much because I already have seven fish at my house. I don’t have any decorations in my tank except for a boring old plant and colored lights. It was very cool to buy so many different types of fish and decorations. It was surprisingly easy to do. I had a budget of $250 and I almost passed it. However, with the help of my friend, our total money spent came out to $249.98. All I know is that I won’t be getting more fish anytime soon because we just got two fish last Saturday.


Why You Shouldn’t Get A Seahorse As A Pet

The dangers of having a pet seahorse is what I’m here to talk about

My brother says you suck, that’s true, you suck food up your snout

Even though you live in water you’re not the coolest type of guy

Take a minute to read this piece of advice where I shall tell you why

So one day I’ll go to the movies but first I’ll ask you wassup

When I’m gone you’ll glare at my brother’s fish and then eat them all up

C’mon, you even swim really weak

Before you know it, you’ll be on a really bad streak

I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re really irritating

Now your four years of life are done, c’mon, I’m still waiting

Comic Strip

This comic strip shows two scenes with Jason the fish and Kyle the seahorse. Each scene shows a fact about seahorses. After the end of each scene, Professor Frank will explain each fact on his show, Frank's Facts.
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Quizzle Answers

Seahorse Quizzle Answer Key

Question 1: Where Are Most Seahorses Found?

Answer 1: A~ Coral Reefs

Question 2: Which Of The Following Does A Seahorse NOT Eat?

Answer 2: C~ Large Fish

Question 3: How Fast Is A Seahorse?

Answer 3: D~ Really Slow

Question 4: What Is The Scientific Name For The Seahorse?

Answer 4: A~ Hippocampus

Question 5: What Two Lines Of Gibberish Can The Word “Seahorse” Be Found In?

Answer 5: D~ 2 And 6

Question 6: Which Of The Following Is An Enemy Of Seahorses?

Answer 6: A~ Rays


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1: Seahorse

2: Seaweed

3: Sea Sponge

4: Plate Coral

5: Blue Tang

6: Jellyfish (Sea Jelly)

7: Octopus

8: Mako Shark