Microorganism flyer

By Maya Alshakhshir

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Hepatitis A or Hepotaliosis Anacodiatrochious

  • Its a virus
  • It is a Virus that attacks and creates a disease in the liver
  • it is linked with under cooked shellfish from contaminated water, raw veggies, unheated food
  • most common symptoms are nausea fever and head ache
  • Preventive measures are
  1. Avoid eating raw seafood
  2. Vaccinate yourself
  3. Vaccinate your kids
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Norovirus or Norwalk virus

  • It is a Virus
  • it is a virus that attacks and creates infection in the stomach and intestines
  • it is linked with Produce shellfish and RTE foods
  • Common symptoms are vomiting, nausea ,and stomach pain
  • preventive measures :
  1. Wash your hands
  2. Cook Shellfish thoroughly
  3. Clean surfaces really well