Weekly Notes

April 3-9

Focus of the Week: Self-Reliance

Monday, April 4
  • MTSS Planning Meeting @ 2PM- Hrit's Room (Anthony, Hrit, Kopy, Compton, Frisk, Maurus)

Tuesday, April 5

  • March Leadership Lunch @ 12PM in the media center
  • Staff Meeting @ 4-6PM
  • JCC Meeting @ 6-8PM

Wednesday, April 6

  • PBIS Meeting @ 8AM
  • IEP/MET @ 8:15 (Compton, Kopy, Anthony, Maurus, Jocis, Karr)
  • Maurus @ UofM Dearborn- Interviews PM

Thursday, April 7

  • Walking Track Bids (Stephanie Ford, Maurus) @ 9:30-10AM
  • Dunn/Maurus Meeting @ 10AM
  • Gleaners at 2-4 for fresh produce distribution.

Friday, April 8

  • Popcorn Day!
  • Mom 2 Mom Setup 6-8PM (Gym, Media Center, Hallways) **MAKE SURE TO LOCK YOUR DOORS**

Upcoming Events:

MStep Window opens for fifth grade next week!

4/11- 2nd grade to AA for Natural History Museum

4/12- Dr. Pam 6-7PM

4/15- Skate Night 6-8PM @ Riverside Roller Rink

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: 10- as we got closer to Thursday (as many our most vulnerable kids are stressed about leaving school for a week of unpredictability at home), I saw many upset kids.

ISS: 0

OSS: 0

Send Home: 0

Trends/Hot Spots: See above

Lining up in Numerical/Predictable Order

When we return from Spring Break, if you don't already, please make sure that you have students line up the same way EVERY time. The WHY behind this is because many of the student issues are triggered by place in line. Holding one's place is very important to some students as well as being "first." I can't tell you how many times we have pushing and screaming and crying that is a result of cutting.

If we have the students line up the same way EVERY time, there is no question about where every student should go. We eliminate cutting, being first and all of the other stuff that fuels the fire for some students.

Thank you!

Welcome, Chinese Foreign Exchange Students!

Grades 3-5 will welcome one student per class for the afternoons this week. Thank you for strengthening the SRSD exchange program!

An interesting thing about this is that because of this program, our high school students can do an entire semester at the Chinese school overseas FOR FREE! This is why it is important that we support this program!

Upcoming Watch DOGS

I forgot to take a picture of the calendar before I left for break- I'll check and send out schedules if we have any!