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Week of September 9, 2013

Reader's Workshop

This week, we will focus on genres! This is a big fourth grade objective set in the TEKS. We will learned that there are three "Big Umbrellas" as far as genres. There are more specific, smaller genres in each umbrella.

In class, we will review and practice identifying the meaning of each genre, books that belong to each genre and understanding more about each genre.

On Thursday in class, we will have a genre quiz over all 9 genres we have learned this week. Use the study cards to practice at home to prepare for the quiz this week. You can find these cards in your child's red homework folder on Monday.

Non-fiction Genre: Informational texts, biography, autobiography

Fiction Genre: Traditional literature, science fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, mystery, fantasy

Writer's Workshop

This week we will begin drafting our personal narrative stories. We have learned how to identify a "seed moment." Ask your child what this means when writing.

We will now begin turning that seed moment into a personal narrative. Drafting will go quickly, but we will learn how to revise by adding a strong beginning and ending. Students will begin building their Writer's Toolbox with craft ideas to enhance their writing.

Also this week, we will focus on "The Writing Process" and using rubrics. In order to understand these concepts, we will engage in some project based learning. Students will develop a publishing company with three other students. They will learn about what it takes to get a book from idea to actual published work. Creating a logo, using teamwork, assigning jobs (editor, reviser, publisher and marketing manager) and building a supply list will be part of a rubric used to assess this mini-project. I think the kids will love it! I hope they will be able to transfer this knowledge to everyday writing, following the writing process and using a rubric to lift their writing to the next level.

Important News

Wear Red, White and Blue on Wednesday for 9/11!

Please make sure your child brings library books every Monday. Keep them in your child's backpack so they can have them at assembly if they are early.

Tardies are counted after 8:00.