WE can stop bullying

Bulling is a big problem in schools

WE can stop bullying


She’s crying in her room thinking about killing her self. She got slammed into a locker at school, then her ‘’friends’’ said that their life’s would be better without her. This is an example of bullying and how it hurts. Bullying is when kids threaten or physically hurt another kids. This happens around the world in schools and on play grounds. This can happen when the teacher is not looking and/or out of the room. Bullying is a big problem in schools, but older people are trying to help kids that are bullied.

Many kids get bullied and some bullies will bully others. Unforchantly bullying is a word that kids dread, they dislike being a loner, they hate being bullied. But if only the parents knew if only the victim stoke out. then the thought of killing themselves would not have gotten into their mind. How ever 60% of students have been bullied, and 16% of employees believed that kids have been bullied. 160,000% of kids stayed home because of bullying, and 20% of high school kids though of taking their own lives, because of bullying. For example, when kids use the internet like bullies then they end up bullying others. Cyber bullying is just as hurtful as any other kind of bullying. To help students to realize that bullying was not cool then the schools should have had an anti bully program. Too make matters worse the kids get on internet too either, play games, accuse, embarrass, or give a threat to someone.

How ever kids are not the only one who wants to stop bullying, older people want to help too. Emily-Ann Rigal a 19 year old made her own website to help kids if they are being bullied. She knows how being bullied feels because she was bullied in elementary school. Therefore Emily says that she thinks that her website helps kids that are bullied and that she they don't think about killing themselves. Also Lee Hirch wants to stop kids from bullying others. Lee Hirch was also bullied as a kid,so he became a filmer and made a film about bullying. The name of the film was called The bully project. Lee Hirch has special tools too let the kid see the film. The film is too show that bullying was not cool, or funny to bully others. So talk to parents about cyber bullying and any other kind of bullying, try to help help kids that are bullied. Tell someone if you are getting bullied, or if your friends are getting bullied. you won't be a tall tale or any of that rot.We can be a defender. We can stop bullying.

Bullying is a big problem in schools, many kids are bullied each year. when they get bullied a lot in school, they think about taking their own lives. Emily and Lee Hirch are activism that try to help kids that are bullied. Emily has a website and Lee Hirch has a film to help kids that are bullied. think about how the kids feel when they get bullied.