Ancient China


China's Achievements.

The Achievements were very helpful in the past and still is effective today. The chinese people made paper with silk that was manufactured. They made the great wall of china and that helped them be protected from the Xiongnu people. The Acupuncture was used to renew the body and it increased the flow of energy inside their body.

What would it be like?

The items above were just three out 100 achievements from China. If our society did not have any of those things , we would have learned how to make our own paper. And if we did not know about the Great wall of china we would not have something interesting about china and we would have never seen a huge population of China too because the Xiongnu people. If we did not know about a wheelbarrow maybe America would have never had anything to carry heavy things on or even China. We need to about these things they are extremely important to us. These are not just stuff that people made they were goals that were achieved.