Totalview Suite Release Newsletter

January 2016 Edition

Venus Williams Release

The last release of 2015 for Team Tornadoes was Venus Williams, released on December 19th containing the long awaited bulk student edit tool. This tool enables schools to update 47 different student demographic fields for up to 2,000 students at one time. Similar to the import classrooms model, schools can download a school specific excel template, populate the needed data, and then once validated, the updated data is visible in TotalView School (TVS) and TotalView Enrollment (TVE) in just 15 minutes!

Previously, updating just one field for 500 students would take a full day of searching and clicking. With the new tool, that same task can be done in 15 minutes. This feature reduces the time for updating items such as: special program status, state ID's and transcript comments from several hours to just minutes. In addition, the tool simplifies the process of reconciling data between 3rd party systems as well as correcting data for state reporting, meaning more accurate data! Schools have already started taking advantage of the new tool and over 9,600 fields have already been successfully updated using the new tool. Feedback has been very positive!

Also included in this release, were improvements to the TVS transcript tool to support the new, longer Online HS course codes. Schools no longer need to spend hours manually adjusting individual transcripts for codes to display properly. This release came just in time to meet schools semester transition deadlines.

A big thanks to the Tornadoes Team members for making this release happen: Mohamed Ainane, Satyanyana Baswa, Pranathi Chepur, Tye Hill, Priyanka Kasuganti, Surya Kosaraju, Paula Loehr, Vinny Luc, David Moore, Saritha Pothuraju, Hanh Quach and Sridhar Thrasu

Beckham Release

Staying consistent to their monthly release model, the Phoenix team successfully completed the Beckham release on January 5th. This release benefits the schools in preparing systems for re-registration and brings efficiencies for the Enrollment Center (EC) and Reclamation teams so they can more efficiently assist families.

Improvements For School Ops:

  • Updated the banner for re-registration in My Info to display the next school year title.
  • Addition of an "Undecided" option for re-registration in TVS and EPR so that families can indicate their indecision and schools can evoke win-back strategies.
  • Ability to clear Social Security NUmber in TVE so that in situations of duplicates or mistakes, users do not have to go to SAMS to correct the data.

Improvements For the Enrollment Center:

  • Added character limitations to Address and City fields in the Parent Portal (PP) matching those in TVE to improve systematic integration and reduce the need for manual integration. This should help reduce the Integration gents workload in the Enrollment Center by approximately 5-7% and put these formerly “stuck” applications on the administrative radar closer to real time.

  • Automatic reactivation and deactivation of PP accounts with the ability for PP users to reactivate their own accounts. This improves the self-service features of PP and should reduce call volume and escalations. In addition, this change also automates the deactivation of records which can now be controlled by the business and eliminates the laborious EC/CRM shared manual process formerly used for identifying and deactivating accounts.
  • Knowledge Base changes for improved searching and display as well as the ability to view and manage document processing guidelines.
  • Email notification to CRM when an “Oops” error is displayed in PP so that daily spikes can be monitored. This will allow PP “outages” to be proactively identified without having to rely on parental feedback. If a PP outage occurs it will also allow CRM to have production examples already on hand via the notification email, eliminating the need for them to wait for additional examples to be provided by the Enrollment Center for troubleshooting to begin.

  • Defect fix for the "Oops" Message that was causing interruptions to the PP.

Improvements For the Reclamations Team:

  • Improved phone number formatting for better display and consistency.
  • Changes to case workflows for improved reporting on actions taken and efficiencies.

Congratulations to the Phoenix team for their consistent success in bringing high value improvements to multiple teams: Srikanth Asha, Pablo Carusso, Richa Jain, Dawn Lockhart, Kalpana Mucharla, Kristie Robinson, Richard Robinson, Madhavi Sabbu, David Sergi, Kirthi Sidulwar, Sreevani Somula, Romiro Torrejon, Analia Villareal and Leigh Zainal

User Feedback

How did the bulk import data tool work for you?

"The template was easy to use, the upload went great, and everyone on my list had their ID loaded when I checked the omnibus the next day!"

"Such a great tool. We are so excited to have this ability going forward"

Have you seen an improvement to the transfer process since the last release?

"Before we had to match the withdraw dates after re-enrolling and try to make the data the same as much as possible... nice to not have to worry about the withdraw info"

How has the Log Me In Integration been helping you?
" very easy to start a session"
"it’s very nice to see the chats documented in salesforce"

How has the outbound call improvement been benefiting users?

"The repair was integral in the new McKinney-Vento process changes for all schools. An additional MKV trigger question was added which now allows applications with troubled living situations to be proactively identified. This should make the enrolling experience better for the families that fall into this category because the new process will put them on admin radar much sooner after the application is submitted."

Team Member Spotlight- Pranathi Chepur

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Pranathi lives in Ashburn and has been working for K12 for 4 years. Currently she is a software engineer on the Tornadoes team working on TotalView Enhancements. Her favorite part of working for K12 is the applications she works with and the team she is on. While she has worked on several different TVS features, her favorite project to date has been working on the SMART broker that sends integration messages from TVS to the Online HS. She was a part of the project from the start and enjoyed working on every bit of it. For fun she likes to travel, try out new recipes and play with her kids.

11/21-12/20 Online HS SMART Messages Success Rates

December was another successful month for the SMART integration. Over 200,000 successful event messages were processed from TVS to the Online HS with over a 99.6% success rate in all categories.

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Looking Back at the year 2015

2015 was a great year for TVS with multiple high value updates, each focused around making the best experience possible for our stake holders. Below are just a few highlights of the improvements made over last year:

  • Integration of users and classroom information from TVS to the Online HS creating a seamless experience for provisioning students to access their data in the Online HS.
  • Integration of final grades from the Online HS to TVS to save teachers time in final grade processing.
  • SMART Admin Console creation to monitor message statuses and allow failures to be re-triggered in bulk, without the need to wait for integration.
  • Bulk Student Data tool allowing up to 2,000 students to be updated in one action.
  • Enhanced SF to TVS data integration, reducing the need to swivel data between systems.
  • Increased school visibility into the student’s enrollment status by expanding the data fields in TVE to display the SF data and introducing the integration of Notes from SF to TVE
  • Improved compliance and question management to eliminate duplicates and inconsistencies across systems.
  • Enables the school specific verbiage to display for questions for accurate audit reporting.
  • Enhanced duplicate checking in TVS and SF, with an override option, for reduction in duplicate accounts.
  • Added a new Risk Assessment field in TVS so schools can provide customized onboarding experiences.

What's Coming Next

The next TotalView Release is targeted for early February and will include:
  • Ability to assign courses and classrooms to students from the same screen
  • Ability to bulk update the student's registration status
  • Improved final transcript handling
  • Ability to capture source field information on compliance documents
  • Adding new Enrollment Center positions that can be assigned when creating new users

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