Friday Notes: Summer Edition

Last one of the summer!

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Quote of the Week

Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.

-Thomas Carlyle

Blog: Welcome Back

Elephant in the room! I know exactly what you will say to your colleagues when you see them for the first time after break. It will go a little something like this:

Person 1: Did you have a good summer?

Person 2: Yeah, it went by way too fast

Person 1: I know, I am not ready to come back

Did I get close? I am guilty of this, and have done it at least three times this week. Why do we say it? Why do we post on Facebook about it? Do we hate what we do? Does uttering these words give us a positive mindset or breed a negative one? Most importantly, how does it impact the mindset of those around us?

Everything we do shapes our perception. Every thought, action, and word said. The great thing about all three of those things is that we control every single one of them......100%. If you choose to be excited about something, the experience will be better than if you choose to be upset about having to do it.

How was my summer? Great. I am excited to have everyone back, it gets a little boring here without you.

See you soon!

What have you been doing to relax or recharge?


What have you been up to??!?!?! We want to know. Send a picture to Rob of something exciting, fun, or relaxing you did this summer! A picture with you in the picture is preferred. On opening day we want to share with other Flashes what everyone has been up to during our relaxing family or alone time.

Doughnuts with dad became a weekly affair, “Hands off my doughnut daddy!”

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The Huotaris have spent A LOT of time at the softball fields.....
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The Millers spent a week in Colorado for softball, but were able to squeeze in some family time.
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T-Shirts and Opening Day

Here is a little more detailed information about opening day:

Monday, July 24th

7:00 AM - T-Shirt pick-up at East (Cafeteria)

Donuts and coffee will be provided!

8:00 AM - Opening Day at FCHS

9:30 AM - Middle School East Presents: Dare to be Different, Opening Day 2017

12:00 PM - Lunch on your own

1:00 PM - Teams That Make a Difference: Committees and PLC Time

Tuesday, July 25th

9:00 AM - Panera coffee and bagels provided by the Middle School East PTC

*All times are tentative, but should give you a good idea of how each day will flow.

T-Shirt Pick-up and Staff Social

Monday, July 24th, 7am

10440 Indian Creek Road South

Indianapolis, IN

Opening Day Ceremony

Monday, July 24th, 8am

6215 South Franklin Road

Indianapolis, IN