The amazing new invention

emanuel thompson 7th period

Interchangeable Parts

popularized in the early 19th century by eli whitney the inventor of the cotton gin had just thought of a revolutionary idea interchangeable parts . in 1797 when the country voted to prepare for war with france eli whitney saw a opportunity to get his new invention out there and help the U.S military's firearms cheaper and faster so in july 1801 he built ten guns all fitted with the same parts and disassembled them in front of congress and rebuilt them in front of congress. The effect allowed for unskilled workers to manufacture a large number of relatively weapons quickly

how this is used

this invention was used for replacing machine parts and used to manufacture products relatively fast

How the interchangeablility affected factorization

The way interchangeability affected urbanization and material production was because it was the prerequisite for the assembly line making separate parts for a object that can be put together by individuals of low skill :below is ford assembly line 1913


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