OES Preschool

Preschool Information

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! We are very excited for a year full of learning!

Preschool Information

Ockerman Elementary School



Ms. Jessie Schalk

Instructional Assistants:

Mrs. Bonnie Deaton

Mrs. Jen Schaefer

Contact Information:

Phone: 282-4620 ext. 262

Email: Jessica.Schalk@boone.kyschools.us

WELCOME and we are so excited! It’s going to be a year full of fun and learning!

Important Information

· We do not have school on Fridays

· If your child is going to have a change in dismissal ex) be picked up instead of riding the bus home, I need to have a written note saying so. Please place the note in your child’s folder. We will check folders daily and this will be the main form of communication.

· If something (supplies, etc) that needs to come to me is in the backpack please write a note on the daily communication sheet so that we know to check the backpack.

· Fees are $50.00

· We will eat lunch in our classroom each day. The cost of lunch is $2.00. Please send lunch money for the week on Mondays. Please place in an envelope or baggie and put in the folder.


· A.M. Preschool is 8:45-12:00

If you are bringing your child to school please come to the front lobby and wait with your child. One of the teachers will come to the front lobby and pick up the children. We will head down to the classroom at 845.

If you are picking up your child from school please come to the front lobby for pick up. We will come out with the children and have you sign out your child. Please have a photo id ready. If someone we have not yet met is going to pick up your child then the hame must be written on the student information card and they must have a photo id. Thanks for understanding to ensure safety for all of our children!

· P.M. Preschool is 12:00-3:15

Drop off and pick up is the same as A.M.


· Please feel free to write, call or email at any time with any questions, comments, concerns.

· I will email, write or call back ASAP

· The best way to relay important information is to place a note in your child’s folder.

· Please send in an excuse note if your child is absent.

· It is mandatory that we do 2 home visits per year. We will contact you to set up these dates. This is just a friendly visit to say hello to your child and make a home to school connection and discuss progress.

· Please request a volunteer form if you would like to come in and volunteer!

Positive Incentives

We will pass out stickers and other small prizes to for positive incentives. At the end of the week, if your child has not been on blue, purple, or pink, he/she gets to pick a prize from the “treasure box!”

How did my child’s day go?

· A weekly communication sheet will be placed in your child’s folder on Monday. Please keep it in there all week long! We will mark a star to tell you what “color” your child was on that day.(see colors below)

· No news is good news! If anything happens that is of a concern I will write or call!


Yellow-Good Day

Green-Ready to Learn

Blue-Think About it

Pink-Parent Contact


The supply list was sent by mail. If you need an extra copy please send us a note and we will send one home.

Other Items to Bring

-I would recommend putting a change of clothes to keep in your child’s backpack! It works best to put the clothes in a plastic bag or large Ziploc with the child’s name on it.

-Please leave toys at home!

We look forward to a great year!

Ms. Schalk, Ms. Bonnie, Ms. Jen J