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HTL Update: Quality Cloud Services in London

London, (April 28th, 2013) – The capital involved in a new business acquiring network and storage systems can be astronomical. However, with the invention of cloud services you can virtualise all your networking and storage facilities and access them from anywhere. Here at HTL we provide private cloud London based services for customers from many different industries.

The beauty of using cloud services is that you do not need to worry about servers, network infrastructure and IT support costs are fixed and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This allows for a great deal of flexibility and little need for fixed office space or IT infrastructure. With HTL our cloud London based services are hosted in state of the art facilities in the UK’s internet backbone in Telecity in London’s Dockyards. We understand the need for as near as possible perfect uptime and work tirelessly to ensure that is what our customers get. Our systems have completely redundant power with backup diesel generators, 100s of GBs of bandwidth and a service level of 99.99%

At HTL we understand that not all businesses are created equal and as a result we offer both a

Silver and Gold package. Features of these packages include enterprise email, mobile email,

antivirus, backup, storage space, support, encryption & security. Prices of our packages range

from £12 per user per month upwards making it one of the most affordable Cloud London

based services around. With cloud services from HTL you are your company will get exactly

the services you require to ensure you do not pay for services that you do not.

If you are looking for cloud London based services then you need cloud services from HTL.

Contact us today on 0207 093 6000, one of our consultants is waiting to help you with the most

effective cloud services package for your business.

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