Washington ELC and NJSD 4K Program

Weekly Staff Newsletter

September 7-11, 2015

This week's meetings/activities

Please review the meetings/activities for this week. I will indicate those that I am scheduled to attend by putting an (S) next to it. If you feel I missed something, please let me know a.s.a.p.

Monday, September 7:

Labor Day!

Tuesday, September 8:

Wednesday, September 9:

Thursday, September 10:

9:00-11:00--Stacie at Admin Meeting

3:00--WELC Staff meeting (off-site 4K staff are encouraged to attend)

Friday, September 11:

Picture day at ACI (Erin, we will follow up with you on Tuesday morning about this)

A look ahead:

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 15 & 16: Picture Days at WELC

Bus Changes for Tuesday!!

There were about 25 adds/deletions/changes for our busing starting tomorrow! I put new (temporary) lists up in the hallway for this week. Once things settle down a little, I will make more permanent lists.

For tomorrow, I need for each classroom teacher at WELC to do the following on the Google Doc:

  • read through and make note of any changes (indicated by a 9.7.15 note)
  • if you need a new animal, please come to the office to get what is needed for your students (I have a master list of changes, so please ask if you have a question)
  • add or change animals to your student's bus tags when they come in tomorrow

Off-site 4K teachers:

  • Please monitor your Google list for changes
  • make new bus tags/change animals as needed


  • Although the majority of our students are potty trained, we still need to do teaching in this area for them to be successful while in the bathroom.
  • Children need to be supervised while in the bathrooms. Please do not assume that our students know the rules while in the bathroom. Many of them have likely not been in the bathroom alone before.
  • Please monitor boys at the urinals. Teach them to take turns. Some need guidance on how far to pull down their pants in order to be successful. Most need reminders on how to aim appropriately.
  • Please monitor girls at the toilets. Some need reminders about wiping.
  • Remind all children about the proper steps in washing hands (maybe we can post hand washing posters in the bathrooms?)
  • If you take your entire class at a time, you should have one adult in the girls room and one in the boys room during this time. Both of you can peek out to monitor the hallway.
  • Please try and take turns at the bathrooms. If a class is already there, please have your students wait until the bathroom is cleared out until you send your class in.
  • I am not concerned that our male teachers would be in the bathroom with the girls, just as I am not concerned that our female teachers are in the bathroom with boys. We are professionals in the world of young children, and it is our job to teach them the skills to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond.

Read and Sign-off for Employee Policy Manual

Employee Policy Manual This is a link to the Employee Policy Manual that is posted on the NJSD Website (Staff Resources page / Staff Information / Employee Policy Manual-- on the right). All staff should review the Policy Manual by September 15.

Here is the link for the e-signature.

Employee Policy Manual Confirmation e-Signature

Transportation Questionnaires

If you have any transportation questionnaires that you get from a parent, please send to the office or SCAN and SEND to Angie as soon as possible. All forms need to be in by Thursday for the changes to take place the following Monday. If you get it to Angie on a Friday, it will take place the 2nd Monday following.

If a parent needs to CHANGE a pick-up or drop-off location, they will need to re-submit a new form. Forms can be found on the NJSD website under Latest 4K Program News.

Please be sure to relay this important information to parents. If they have any questions about their pick-up or drop-off times, they should be calling KOBUSSEN at 722-8572.

To Do!

  • Math Screener Committee: I have Erin and Jenny Rosenbaum signed up for this. Did I forget someone? Or, if you are interested, please let me know ASAP so I can send the names to Curtis.
  • Employee Policy Manual due SEPTEMBER 15th