Getting Girls To Talk

Encouraging Class Participation

Ways To Help Young Women Participate In Class Dissucions

  • Write on the board and ask meaningful well thought out questions.
  • Find ways for the girls to ponder - like studying a scripture or the living Christ.
  • Use the New Era - new ideas each month on the topic.
  • Find out what their questions are.
  • Ask what their challenges are.
  • Talk to their parents, find out what their concerns are for their girls.
  • Challenge them to do something during the week that reinforces the lesson. For example, "Look for the hand of God in my life this week." Text reminders for them to do it and tell them to come prepared to share.
  • Videos - always check that everything works before you start as best you can, download before is a must. After the video have them share what their feelings about the video or how they can apply what they learned in the video in their life.
  • Repeat the question, give them time to think. Silence is ok, count to ten before talking.
  • Pictures always add interest. Ask questions about the picture ,"What is this? Is this good?"
  • Object lessons - are engaging and spark the girls curiosity. Have them share what they learned from the object lesson.
  • Personal Stories - the girls enjoy hearing about your experiences and how living the gospel has been a blessing in your life. Ask them if they have any personal experiences they would like to share.
  • Use Journals - have them write down what they think or what they have learned about the gospel principle you are teaching. After they are done writing, ask if anyone would like to share.
  • Ask questions that are designed to bring out how they feel about something. An example is instead of asking, "What is adversity?" ask "How has the gospel helped me when I have gone through hard times in my life?"
  • Use the scriptures - have them read a scripture then have them share what they learned from what they read.
  • Create a setting that invites the Spirit and is safe for them to share their feelings.
  • Love them with all your heart! They can feel when you love them and it helps them want to open up to you.