Four Perfect Pebbles

By Sam Cooey

What the book is about?

Four Perfect Pebbles is a nonfiction book about a Jewish family of a Dad, a Mom, 11 year old Albert, and 9 year old Marion Blumenthal. The Blumenthal's lived in Holland and heard of a man named Hitler who was talking about hating and killing Jews because it was their fault for everything bad that has ever happened. The Blumenthal's wanted to avoid that so they went to a refugee camp where their Dad worked at a shoe store and their mom worked in the kitchen. They lived in this camp for two years until Nazis found them and brought them to a death camp. They lived in this death camp for two agonizing years struggling to survive from disease, starvation, and murder. They would have to smuggle cigarettes to trade for food because all they got all day was bread and water. Everyday the Nazis would take roll call and the Jews would have to wait in a line for hours and any sudden movements would get them beaten. Everyday there would be one or two missing from jumping into the electric fence that was surrounding the camp.

After the two years of being in the death camp they were moved to a death train and were moved to a death train and were taken to a German town named Trobitz after being on the train for two weeks. They lived in Trobitz going through hard labor and living off of abandoned food while a third of Jewish population died. Eventually they were set free and moved back to Holland. In Holland they had to wait three years to get permission to move to the United States where they dreamed of living. When they finally got permission they used all the money they had to go to New York where they lived happily and Marion Blumenthal still lives today as one of the few holocaust survivors.


I would give this book a 5 on a scale of 1-5. This book is perfect for this assignment because it is a nonfiction book that still tells a very interesting story about a Jewish family surviving in the holocaust. It is the perfect story for people that want to learn facts and also be interested while you are reading it. It also has a reasonable amount of pages. It is not to much to read in one week and it's also not to little. i would defiantly recommend this book to anybody.