August 20, 2021

Week One Down!

Hello Ridgeview Families!

We have officially made it through the first week! If your students are anything like mine, they are most likely exhausted! The Junior High is the earliest building to start in the district so make sure to remind your students to get to bed at a decent time!

Huge shout to our drop off in the AM!!! We went from day 1 of everyone in the building by 7:30AM to having the traffic cleared and students in the building by 7:15 on Day 2 and beyond! Thank you so much for your patience and help getting traffic flowing by unloading as soon as the traffic line hits sidewalk! We were able to cut down traffic on Hill Rd much quicker than in years past. If you have any questions or concerns about drop off please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Also on a different note, please remind students to bring a bottle of water with them to school. Even if it is a plastic throw away bottle, they can reuse throughout the day or keep in their locker at the end of the day so they have it the next morning. Water fountains are turned off but we do have the bottle filling stations they can use.

Beth Richardson


Diagnostic testing

This upcoming week will begin our diagnostic testing! Starting Monday August 23rd students will take their Math diagnostic. These diagnostics are used to determine educational groupings in classes and identify any areas that a student may have gaps in their learning. We will use that to help tailor our lessons to help fill gaps and expand upon the material.

Monday August 30th will begin the Reading diagnostic testing.

If your student is absent during the diagnostic we will have them take it upon their return during the make up testing time.

Why are we taking the iReady Diagnostic test?

The purpose of the Diagnostic is not to give your student a score or grade, but instead to determine how best to support your student’s learning. iReady is an adaptive assessment that adjusts each question based on your child’s answer to the previous question. Some questions will be difficult, some easy, while others will be just right. The questioning is designed for teachers to find out what your child knows right now and what skills they will need.

School wide expectations reminders

Families we could definitely use your help in reminding students about our school wide expectations!

Cell phones are off and away all day. We ask students lock their phone in their locker where it is safe. All classrooms are equipped with phones, if you need to get a hold of your student feel free to contact the office and we will either have your student come to the office to call you or we will relay the message you leave! If you have any questions regarding cell phones please review Board Policy 5136

One way hallways have been in place for 6 years at Ridgeview, students need to follow the one way hallway traffic all day and that includes going to lunch.

Language there is vocabulary that is not appropriate for school. We will work with students on different ways to express themselves without using disrespectful, hurtful or demeaning language towards one another. Please remind students that the goal is to learn to work and interact with others in a respectful manner, and that includes the language we use when talking to one another.

Lockers students should access their lockers at the beginning of the day, lunch time and at the end of the day. Students can carry their book bags from class to class.

Dress code:

Hats/Hoods/etc are not be worn in the hallways or cafeteria. We will ask students to remove them.

Shorts please make sure that they are an appropriate length, especially when moving or sitting down

Shirts the hem of the shirt should meet the top of the waistband, straps should be a minimum of 2 fingers in width, and no side cut outs.

Trimester Important Dates

At the junior highs, we are on trimesters so our dates for grading periods do not align with the other levels in the district. Here are the trimester dates.







Big Brothers and Big Sisters Event

Big Brothers Big Sisters has set up a Pickerington Bowl for Kids’ Sake event for September 18th and 19th. They are looking for teacher/school teams to fill the lanes. BBBS has a traveling trophy for the school that brings the most teams and one for the person that raises the most money. The Team Packet is below. All money raised will support the school-based program in Pickerington. There is also a website for teams to sign up and raise money. There is even a way to raise money on your social media if you do not want to bowl, as well as a place for virtual bowlers to just raise funds.


Questions about Close Contacts and Quarantining

Please see the following flow chart that will guide our decision making about quarantining for students and staff who have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Marcia Stewart (marcia_stewart@plsd.us) our school nurse.

Ridgeview Sports in FULL SWING!

Athletic Fee Payment:

One Payment: $155 - due August 18

Two Payments: $80 - due August 18th & $75 - due September 10th

Fall Picture Day Is - Tuesday, August 24, 2021

For Custom Styles: ORDER ONLINE Inter-State.Com/Order Use Order Code: 60020JB

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School is back in action and we are super excited to serve the 2021 - 2022 school year. Thank you to all who attended Open House and stopped by our table to check in with us. Those who shared interest and contact information will receive an email next week. For those who didn’t get a chance to stop by and are interested in volunteering please feel free to contact Kelly Martin at kelly.martin_rvjhpto@hotmail.com Catharyne Henderson at catharyneh@yahoo.com or Qiana Johnson at qsmith6@hotmail.com.

First Fundraiser sponsored By our PTO!!

Tuesday, Aug. 31st, 4pm

1291 Hill Road North

Pickerington, OH

Save the Date!! Our first fundraiser sponsored by PTO!

Calling all Burrito Lovers,

Foil your dinner plans and stop by the Chipotle at 1291 Hill Rd N in Pickerington for our fundraiser on Tuesday, August 31 from 4:00pm - 8:00pm. We're raising money to support Ridgeview Junior High Parent Teacher Organization, so just download a flyer from the link below or mention the fundraiser at checkout and they'll donate 33% of the proceeds to the cause!


Don’t forget you can order online as well! Be sure to use TTN8PYF so that our school gets credit.

Ridgeview's Parent Information Hub

Click here to see the Teacher Team Websites, Athletic Website, Parent University and so much more. USE THIS AS A ONE STOP INFORMATION HUB

General Reminders

Parents/Guardians: Please remember to update ALL contact information for your student(s) -(emails; emergency contact numbers).

Ridgeview Values

Here at Ridgeview STEM Junior High we value being Timely, Innovative, showing GRIT, being Engaged in our learning, and Respect! Notice the letters spell out TIGER! Click on our behavior expectations, and please take a moment to look over and review with your student(s).