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Special InfOhio Elementary Edition December 2018

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Have You Seen INFOhio's New Look?

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This special edition highlights a few areas of K-5 InfOhio resources:

  • New - Kid Infobits
  • What is BookFlix 2.0?
  • 4th and 5th Grade Storia
  • World Book Kids Refresher
  • Early World Portal New Resources

NEW - Kid InfoBits

Kids InfoBits delivers trusted, age-appropriate online content. Through newspaper and magazine articles, videos, images, and graphics, elementary students can learn about everything from animals and outer space to famous artists and favorite athletes. The database is visual and intuitive, and rewards students’ efforts by developing comprehension and research skills to prepare them for middle school—and a lifetime of learning.


Kids InfoBits Resource Guide

Gale Scavenger Hunt Kids InfoBits: Life Cycles (Great way to introduce Kid InfoBits to students).

Gale Scavenger Hunt Kids InfoBits: Life Cycles (Answers)

Gale in Context Content and Lexile Levels

What is Bookflix 2.0?

BookFlix® is a digital literacy resource that pairs more than 120 animated stories from Weston Woods with a best-selling nonfiction eBook from Scholastic on a similar subject. The fiction and nonfiction pairings are designed to strengthen early literacy skills while exposing young learners to real-world concepts. Be sure to check out the new look of Book Flix.

Introduce students to BookFlix in a whole class setting.

  1. Use a Smart Board, Mimio, or projector. Show students how to open a browser to find BookFlix on the INFOhio website or how to locate your BookFlix bookmark.
  2. Talk about the different categories of books and what students might find in those categories.
  3. Demonstrate how to select a book and how to find the games and puzzles that go along with the books.
  4. Discuss appropriate behaviors or good habits for listening to reading.
  5. When the book is finished, review how to get back to the main page.
  6. Choose a student from the class to repeat/model the process.

Mark the print books in your classroom library and your school library as books available in BookFlix.

  1. Download the BookFlix title list from the INFOhio BookFlix information page.
  2. Mark those books in your classroom library and school library with a special label or sticker.
  3. Encourage students to read the book on BookFlix and then read it again with your print copy.
  4. Students practice mastering print concepts and e-reading concepts.


BookFlix Parent Letter

Reading on the Screen: Helps Digital Natives with Online Texts

BookFlix Best Practices Guide

BookFlix Facts Sheet

4th and 5th Grade Storia

Ohio's 4th and 5th-grade students will be able to use Storia:


Storia in the Classroom Informational Video

Title List for Storia: Ohio's 4th & 5th Grade eBook Collection

Storia Fact Sheet

World Book Kids Refresher

World Book Kids online encyclopedia includes eBooks, videos, activities, read-aloud, and translation features. Lexile reading levels included. This resource is suitable for students in the following grades: K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th


Early World Portal

Early World Portal: The curated collection of evaluated websites and apps for early learners ages 3 through 5 has been expanded. Don't miss the resources aligned with Ohio's Early Learning standards documents which are updated as well.

The NEW resources are