May 16th-20th

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We will educate K - 8 students by fostering the development of each child’s analytical ability, social skills and creativity.



5/10 -5/20 - MS CAASPP Testing Window

5/12- Middle School PE- Diabolo Fest

5/17 Dress Rehearsal

5/18 Spring Musical *Please excuse homework for cast & crew

5/20- Jump-a-Thon Day!

5/20 School Performance of the musical 8:15 (K, 5th - 8th) 12:45 (1 - 4)

5/22 Junior Olympics

Town Hall Video

We pinpointed a few time stamps for you to watch first, the entire video is almost 2 hours! The time stamped video is basically the financial professionals reassuring us that our schools and corporation are fiancially viable and our issues are very fixable. If you do not have a lot of time, watch:





May 12th Board Meeting Video


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JUMP ROPE FOR HEART 5/26 From Mrs. Preece:

First of all, there are some good lesson plan ideas you may want to use to teach the students about heart healthy habits and heart anatomy if you happen to have some extra time. These can be found on the website in the tab titled, “Resources for Teachers”. You can also search for our school here and track its progress in the fundraiser.

The easiest way for kids to fundraise for this is to go to the website, look up our school and join the team. There are also prompts there for them to create their own secure website if they’d like. This way, they can send an e-mail out to friends and family, and don’t have to handle any cash themselves.

If students fundraise online, I automatically get notified about what they’ve earned and the prizes they should receive. I’ll be checking once a day and passing out the lanyards and pups they’ve earned as soon as I can. I’d like to travel to the classes and pass them out personally to generate more excitement for the fundraiser, but if you’d prefer that I put them in your boxes, I’m happy to do that as well.

We are changing the jumping date to Thursday, May 26 so we aren’t competing with the musical performances. All money will be due that day as well.

All elementary classes who have P.E. that day will do the jumping in their P.E. class. For classes who do not have P.E., I will set up a schedule and you may sign up to bring your class for a 30 minute session. My P.E. students will be setting up different fun stations and your students will rotate through these stations.

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CAASPP Testing

CAASPP Testing is here and your students are ready!!!! Thank you for all of the blood, sweat, and tears you put in all year in preparing your "teams"!

*Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions regarding administering the tests. *

**Important: please do NOT assign any homework during testing**

**Students are allowed to chew gum during the tests**

***Remember: Students need to be logged OUT of their google accounts in order to access the secure browser (which can be found on the bottom left corner of the home screen under "apps".***

****When in doubt, hit PLUS (+): When selecting the test you want to give, please remember to keep hitting the + sign until you find the SPECIFIC grade level CAT test or performance task that you need.****

Please update the CAASPP Completion Sheet on a daily basis. We have a proctor available to help us with make-up testing. Thank you!

Town Hall Meeting

11May2016 Town Hall Meeting

End of the Year RTI Meetings

It's that time of year again for our end of the year RTI check-ins. Please be sure to bring your updated DRA scores, classroom intervention logs, and math assessments to the meetings. The schedule is below.

Tuesday, June 7th - RTI Reading and Math with Kindergarten in Mary's Room (1:30 - 2:30)

Wednesday, June 8th - RTI Reading Grades 1-5 in Mary's Room

Thursday, June 9th - RTI Reading and Math Middle School (we will come to your rooms during preps - Raskin, Morallos, Zischka)

Friday, June 10th - RTI Math Grades 1-5 in Audrey's Room


Asa is a quarter finalist for this amazing recognition! A total of 290 music teachers from 264 cities across 41 states have been announced as quarter-finalists for the Music Educator Award™ presented by The Recording Academy® and the GRAMMY Foundation® . In total, more than 3,300 initial nominations were submitted from all 50 states.


LOCKDOWN –In the case of a lockdown, lock the door, close the blinds, students should get under their desks\ facing away from the windows. Teachers should log into their LVCS email accounts for further directions.

Junior Olympics

Please show the Junior Olympics video to your classes

It's 14 minutes long! The Dragons are wearing gold.

Professional Learning Goal Reflections

As the end of the year approaches, we would like you to take some time to reflect on your teaching this year. Please print out the attached California Teaching Standards rubric and highlight where you think your teaching practice falls within each category. After reflecting on your teaching, please pick one standard on the rubric that you would like to see growth in and develop a SMART goal that is aligned with the standard you chose. When you sit down with an administrator we will talk about your responses to the rubric, successes you've experienced this year, and your SMART goal.
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End of the Year Checklist

1) Class Lists Due April 15th

2) Student Supply Kit Lists Were Due April 15th

______ Submit your student supply list to Jessica by the 15th. LIST BRAND NAMES & keep the list under $50.00. Jessica will send it to Supply Kidz and get a printed copy of the list for your team to approve.

3) Instructional Materials Requests: Due May 13th

4) Report Cards: Due June 17th

______ All K – 5 report cards should be sent home on June 16th.

______ 6th – 8th Grade report cards will be mailed home on June 20th.

______ Grades TK - 8 please submit 1 copy of the student report cards to the office for the cum folder

______(SPED TEAM ONLY) Progress reports completed and sent home on June 16th

5) Student folder complete: Due June 17th. You may make a folder or use the DRA folder. Bring the folder to the office.

_____ Copy of report card for next year’s teacher

______ Any Safety Nets, SST forms, 504s, accommodations given in the classroom

______ Graded DRA

______ Graded Writing sample

______ Graded MAC test

______ All miscellaneous information pulled (Assessments, Progress Reports, Conference reports, notes to parents, etc.)

____(SPED TEAM ONLY) Form placed to alert for Special Education services

6) Technology: Due 6/17

_____ Report all repair requests through the online ticket system and CC Tara

_____ Any requests to have a software/extensions loaded onto the chromebook should be sent through the online ticket system and CC Tara

_____ All student laptops should be plugged in neatly into their carts.

_____ Any laptop needing repair should be tagged with a post it.

7) Library Books:

_____ Linda will provide letters to all students regarding library fines and overdue books. Yearbooks will be held until all books are returned and fees are paid.

8) Clean-up: Due 6/17

______ Teacher’s desk should be neat and clean

______ Student desks should be emptied

______ Student chairs stacked neatly

_____ Counters should be cleared (bare)

______ All student materials should be sent home

______ Pictures, charts, games, safely stored

______ Any furniture needing repair should be tagged with a post it.

______ All shelving/closets should be sorted through and materials that are no longer needed

will be removed from the classroom AFTER you submit a ticket AND CC Tara. Do not put garbage or items to be removed in the hallway.

______ All audio visual equipment stored in a safe place

______ Report all repair requests through the online ticket system and CC Tara.

_____ Teacher microwaves and refrigerators are unplugged.

_____ All food items removed from the staff refrigerators.

_____(SPED TEAM ONLY) Keys to file cabinet where IEPs are being kept sent in to Stephanie

_____(SPED TEAM ONLY) All original copies of IEPs files in the black cabinet in Stephanie’s office

9) Student books:

______ Be sure all student texts have been turned in

______ Workbooks not claimed should be recycled

______ Discontinued texts should be sent to the office to be recycled through Follett

______ Store books where they will be safe for the summer

______Any severely damaged or lost books must be paid for by the student

(Please send a list of books/student names to the office by 6/17)

10) Compliance:

______ Mandated Reporter

_____ CPR/First Aid

_____ TB Test (if you need to renew)

_____ Copy of Renewed Credential (if you need to renew)

_____ Summer contact information to Jackie

_____ If obtained a masters degree, submit transcripts

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures


CLASSROOM EMERGENCY KITS: You should have a clip board with multiple copies of your roster for all of your classes and a pen/pencil. You should also have a large cylinder in your room that has emergency provisions, first aid and a bright colored vest. PLEASE MOVE THESE LARGE EMERGENCY KITS NEXT TO YOUR DOOR. In the case of an emergency, they need to be easily accessible.

Fire/Evacuation Drills: Please put multiple copies of your class roster and a pen in your emergency kit. In the event of a drill or emergency, please evacuate your class. PUT YOUR BRIGHT COLORED VEST ON WHILE EXITING (it is located inside your emergency kit) Students should evacuate silently LEAVING DOORS UNLOCKED and line up (see map).YOU DO NOT NEED TO CARRY YOUR LARGE EMERGENCY CYLINDER OUT DURING A DRILL! YOU DO NEED TO TAKE THE VEST OUT AND WEAR IT.

Teacher should then take attendance, Teacher will then hold up:

Fist: ALL HERE (if a child was marked absent that morning, and you have the other 19, you still hold up a fist)

1 Finger: A child is missing because they went to the restroom or speech etc.

2 Fingers: A child is missing and you do not know where they are.

Earthquake Drills: Lights off, blinds closed, doors closed, students under desk in kneeling position heads down. Hands over neck, face down. Teachers either under their desk or in doorway. Only evacuate if directed to by main office.


1. Keep students in classrooms pending further instructions.

2. Secure and lock all doors

3. Close all windows and close shades

4. Account for all students – call the office if you have children from other classrooms in your room.

5. Do not allow anyone to leave the secure room until ALL CLEAR message is received.

6. Students should take their seats and lessons can continue.

7. Passing periods and lunch should be disregarded until SHELTER IN PLACE has concluded.

If outside:

1. Move indoors

SHELTER IN PLACE DURING MORNING DROP OFF : The procedures will be the same as above AND WE WILL:



LOCKDOWN: If inside:

1. Secure and lock all doors

2. Students should be silent.

3. Students should hide, limit visibility from doors and windows.

4. Close all windows and close shades

5. Account for all students – email the office if you have children from other classrooms in your room.

6. Do not allow anyone to leave the secure room until ALL CLEAR message is received.

7. Log in to your emails.

If outside:

1. Move indoors

2. Secure and lock all doors

3. Students should be silent.

4. Students should hide, limit visibility from doors and windows.

5. Close all windows and close shades

6. Account for all students – email the office if you have children from other classrooms in your room.

7. Do not allow anyone to leave the secure room until ALL CLEAR message is received.

8. Log in to your emails


Elizabeth, Rimy, Dorothy - Interviews

Ms. Burnside & Mrs. Lloyd - Meet and Greet with Parents

Heidi- Jumprope for Heart

Asa, Jessica, Stephanie M. Rim, Kenn, Heather S., Tara, Tessa, - Spring Musical

Marci, Amanda W., Shelly - Offering their support with CAASPP testing

Amy and Hilary- Coordinating Alameda County Fair student artwork

Susan- Coordinating the Science Expo and Science Club

Bryan - Science Expo

Kim & Dragon Zone - Spring Art Show

Dan - Golf

John - Track

Save the Dates


5/24 Spring Music Concert

5/24 Dragon Assembly


5/25 Open House/Science Expo

5/26 Read a Thon Winner Pizza & Dance Party

5/31 LVCP Theatrical Presentation 10:30 AM

*Spanish 5th grade field trips will be on:

May 23rd (Monday) - Ms Waltner

May 24th (Tuesday) - Ms. Albornoz

May 25th (Monday)- Mrs. Morris

May 26th(Tuesday) - Mrs. Parisella

May 31st (Monday) - Mrs. Wafler


6/1 MS Leadership Assembly

6/2 Dragon Assembly 8;30AM (TK - 5)

6/2 Perfect Attendance ALL YEAR celebration

6/3 End of the Year BBQ & Step Up Dance 5th-8th

6/7 RTI Kindergarten Meeting (1:30 - 2:30)

6/8 Volunteer Tea

6/8 RTI Reading Meetings Grades 1st-5th

6/9 RTI Middle School Math and Reading Meetings

6/10 RTI Math Meetings Grades 1st-5th

6/10 June & July Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

6/13 Clap it Out Parade for 8th Graders 1:40 (Grades 1 - 7 should make signs congratulating the 8th graders).

6/13 – 8th Grade vs. Staff Dodge Ball Game

6/14 - 8th Grade Pool Party

6/15 - Promotion 5pm

6/16 - Kinder Celebration 10AM

6/16 - Last Day of School – Early Release