Get Your Geek On!

Nerds Take Note: Muons, Gluons, The Quark n' Snark Of It All

A Night Of Live Music, A Contest Or Two, And Things That Blow Up

Acclaimed actors read an episode from A. R. Taylor's new novel SEX, RAIN, AND COLD FUSION.

We hold a raffle for prize mugs and T-shirts and every other cool think you thought of owning but were afraid to ask your mom for.

Contests - Yes there will be a quiz. Hint, read up on your cold fusion?

Jeanne Martinet will play the ukelele and sing such classics as "He Kissed Her Where She Sat" and "I'm So Hot For Cold Fusion."

Good books, fun songs, white T-shirts, nerd glasses, even a few dowsing rods, in case conventional science fails us.