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How to Stay Safe While Using the Internet

Tips for Internet Safety

1. Never tell anyone your password.

2. Never give out personal information.

3. Be careful what you post.

4. Never become friends with someone you don't know.

5. Try not to share photos of yourself.

6. Never bully another person.

7. Check with your parents before downloading anything.

8. Only visit appropriate websites.

9. Never give out personal information.

10. Never NEVER meet up with someone you met online, even if the person appears to be a child.

Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber Bullying?

"Cyberbullying" is when a child is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, or embarrassed by another child using the Internet. Cyber Bullying is not okay! Saying something mean to someone with your words, even when the person is not in front of you still hurts the person. Commenting negatively on another person's race, gender, sexual orientation, family, income, culture, speech, or physical looks could really hurt the person emotionally. Before you say something bad about someone, especially over the Internet, stop and think how you would feel if someone said that to you!