SOL Review

Technology Enhanced Resources

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Special SOL Issue

This is a special SOL review issue of Tech-KNOW-ology Notes. I've gathers lots of resources for SOL practice that include technology enhanced items. Take a few minutes to browse through this newsletter full of resources. Some of the resources should be familiar to you and some of them are new.

If you don't find what you want here, let me know. I'll see if I have something that else that might be what you want. I can also make flipcharts and ActivExpression quizzes for you, and I'm available to come into the classroom and work with your students on SOL reviews.

Technology Enhanced Items Practice for the SOLs

Mr. Anker Tests

Mr. Anker Tests provide lots of self-checking interactive quizzes for all grade levels.

TEI Practice Tests from VA Dept. of Education

This link provides you with direct access to the TEI practice tests created by the VA Dept. of Education. Links to all these practice tests are already set up for you and your students on the SOL Resources page which is part of the Student Portal.

TEI Practice (Uses ActivInspire)

These are great practice tests! They look very similar to the actual SOL tests. They are created using ActivInspire. These were not created in Va Beach so they may be new to you.

Do you want to create your own TEI flipcharts for your students to use? Look carefully on these two pages. Each page has a link for an ActivInspire flipchart template that allows you to make your own TEI flipchart.

TEI - Math Practice

Lots of different TEI practice items for all grade levels.

SOL Resources from King George (VA) Elementary School

Resources for grades 3-5.