Anne Mclaren

By: Ainsley Gittings

Anne Mclaren was a genetics scientist. She got a scholarship in zoology. Anne Mclaren was a scientist that was important. She studied genetics and zoology

She got an honors degree in zoology. She got a scholarship to study zoology. She went to Oxford to get her zoology degree. She did most of her work at University College London.

What is genetics? Genetics is a study of family genes. She used laboratory mice to elucidate what she described. Her early work contraceptive methods that have improved the choice available for family planning. Might enable scientists to build replacements for human cells damaged by disease or injury in, for example, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease. Geneticist who helped to develop the techniques that made in vitro-fertilisation a reality. The scientist Anne Mclane studied genetics. She got her scholarship in zoology. She ended up studying genetics. She found out thing about genetics.