Really China? A One Child Policy?

By Tyree J.

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What is the One Child Policy?

It is a population control law by China. People (no matter what) can only have one child. Since the population is so vast and so large that more kids can overflow the nation, so they are trying to keep "having children" under control. This sounds good at first, but China won't know what hit them.

“Women were subjected to forced abortions”. (Chen Guangcheng exclusive interview. CNN, 2012. Film.) China does their best to keep this policy under control through abortions. Of coarse, there was a lot of protesting for this. As a result, bunches and bunches of protesters were put under house arrest and in jail. It is a huge and controversial thing right now in China and the "One Child Policy" should be lifted.

Stoppng this Mess!!!

"The One-Child Policy will be added to the other deadly errors in recent Chinese history”. (The End of China's One-Child Policy? 2013. Article.) I'm pretty sure who ever is reading this is probably thinking "Well this stinks! What can I do?" Easy, just follow the big crowd and keep this one child policy from taking over. Do what everyone else is doing and stop this abuse and vast arrests in China! This has been going on too long!