The Book of Britainee

Learning About Myself

About Me

I am Britainee Anne Cashmore. Born March 31st, 1999. I like to consider myself a 90's baby even though technically I don't count. I have a dog named Cody Bear, and he is my best friend. I am half British and I go to England every summer to visit family. I play WJHS Volleyball #32 and Ozark Volleyballl #23. I'm a single pringle! <3

What I Need

In my job I need to be able to

  • be able to build relationships with people
  • to have responsibility

How I Learn

I focus on more than just the words. I will watch tone and body language of the speaker to try to decide how to feel about the speaker. If the speaker is being sincere then I will hear the message, While I'm listening I also try to determine if the speaker's message is right or wrong. I hate conversations that go off topic.

How I Communicate

  • Personal
  • Expresses Emotion While Communicating
  • Polite and Mannerly
  • Perferably in Writing
  • Direct and to the Point

What I Don't Like

  • Negativity
  • Conflict
  • Rudeness
  • Rule Breakers
  • Wasting Time
  • Laziness

How My Brain Works

I am a LEFT sided thinker

-What does it mean to be a left sided thinker?

It means that I more likely to be very organized and precise. I prefer things to have a deadline and a schedule.

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What I Value

Work Place: High

Income: High

Prestige: Medium

Accomplishment: Medium

Innovation: Low