The Taggerung

Soham Govande Period 6

Author and Genre

Taggerung is a fantasy book by Brian Jacques.


The main character was a small baby otter, named Deyna, who fell into the unkind paws of a band of vermin who called themselves the Juska, from his original home at Redwall Abbey. They believed that he would grow up to be a gargantuan, unrestrained warrior with no mercy on foes, and hence, they trained him to become their dreams. They named him the Taggerung (Tagg), the name for the Juska's most savage warrior. As Tagg grew out of his young years, and he became the fearsome legend that they said he was destined to be. However, unlike those Tagg was brought up with, otters are compassionate and loving creatures, and would never even think of killing someone, even his evil tribe's enemies. Hence, Tagg only taught those who quarreled with him a lesson; he never killed them, even though his brutal advisers dearly punished him for not doing it. Finally, he, at last, became sick of the cruel tribe's murderous ways and departed. They contempt him for it, and trailed after him to seek revenge. Tagg found a friend, Nimbalo, and together they journeyed off, heading to Redwall Abbey, since Tagg had had visions about it and its compassionate creatures in uneasy dreams. On his arrival, they discovered that his enemies were waiting there for him. Nimbalo was captured, and the lives of the creatures of Redwall were in jeopardy as Vallug shot his deadly arrows over the high wall tops. Will Tagg truly become the legend he was born to be and save Redwall and his friend, or will his luck finally run out as the vermin slay them and hand out a slow death to Tagg?

Main Character

Overall, Tagg is a courageous character that someone should try to live up to. He stands up to those that are wicked and cruel to others and aims to bring justice to all of Mossflower Woods. Even though he was raised in a facility of malevolence, his heart stays true to himself and guides him through the sorrows of his life. Furthermore, he would have unhesitantly sacrificed himself to save another creature, regardless of who it may have been.

Problem main character has

One major problem is evident throughout the book- the vermin enemies from his former clan try to hunt him down, as he journeys to Redwall Abbey. They will stop at nothing to get at him, and his adventure exponentially grows difficult as he sees the detrimental effects of their actions, and he realizes that he has to stop them, once and for all.

Action scene

Mistaken for a ferret, Tagg was imprisoned in Redwall's cellars, but he was at last set free. With new energy, he bounded out of Redwall, blood seething in his eyes, as he madly dashed toward his enemies. Arrow after arrow pierced his body, but Tagg was determined and fueled by the rage and sorrow of the countless murderous deeds the vermin had committed to him and other innocent creatures. He rampaged forward, and they realized that nothing would stop him as he hurled his sword into the body of Vallug and slew the cruel vermin beside him. At last, he kneeled down, rested, and took a deep breath, recalling the events that had just occurred. Only one question remained - was it his last?

Favorite part

Fwirl the squirrel from Redwall gracefully leapt to a tree branch and started slinging round pebbles at the furious vermin below her. Long javelins and spears were thrown upward at her, but she nimbly dodged them. She constantly launched small projectiles of twigs, rocks, and acorns toward the enemy and was rewarded with cries of despair underneath. At last, she fell into a thorny bush, to the delight of the Juska. They shot arrows and the last of their spears into the hedge. A yelp of unhappiness delighted them, and they closed in for their kill. The graceful archeress continued her job, to the surprise of the Juska.

"Haha, I guess I'm dead now, aren't I?" she rhetorically asked them, dropping another stone into the thicket, a tactic which had made the rock seem like it was actually her. "My fake screams really are improving!"

This is my favorite part because it, first of all, is comical, and it also describes how tactics and strategy can outwit pure force in numbers.


Being an experienced 6th grade reader and having read over twenty books this year, Taggerung is my favorite book from the Redwall series.

Goodreads, a large company that reviews books, rated Taggerung with a rating of about 4.1.

On average, 130 customers from Amazon rated it 4.6/5.

Finally, from many websites across the Internet, including PublishersWeekly and AllReaders, there are countless reviews about this book that state that it is exciting and action-filled.


  • Taggerung has 438 pages.
  • It has 22 chapters and is divided into 3 sections.
  • It is book fourteen of the twenty-two book long Redwall series.
  • It was published in the year 2001.
  • The series was copyrighted in the year 1976.
  • Its setting is in Mossflower Woods, with no time described.
  • There are twenty million copies of this book.


As an otter baby, Tagg was at a babbling brook with his father, joyfully playing in the cool currents of the stream, but little did he know what was about to come next. The ragged face of Vallug peeked out from behind a bush and a large arrow was sent hurling into the chest of Rillfag, Tagg's father. Sobbing out loud, Tagg swam behind him, but it was no use because he was immediately grabbed by unkind paws; he had been captured by the vermin.

This is pathos because the scene describes Tagg losing his father and being captured, a sorrowful turn of events.


After reading this book, I realize that every section has a "climax" of its own, making the book even more suspenseful, exciting, and more of a thriller. For example, one of the sections is about Tagg trying to escape from his captors, which leads into him trying to defend Redwall Abbey. Overall, Tagg's problems eventually stack up on one another, until life is essentially a form of chaos, and Tagg has to try and unravel them, one by one. Because of this, Taggerung is an intriguing tale of good and evil battling each other.

Overall, I recommend this book to anyone who likes uniqueness, action, but also suspense and good trying to triumph over evil. Read it to find out what Tagg's fate is- is he to be a heroic legend who still lives, or a war hero who died a tragic death?