May 9-Mariner Matters

Teacher Appreciation

Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate working with all of you.

Shout Outs!

Thank you to Amy McNish, Rebecca Tompkins, Taryn Gill, Taylor Scannell, Kelly Billinger and Donna Stevenson for a great curriculum team meeting this week.

Math Talks-Monday

Katie Phelps will be here on Monday for our last math talk discussion for the year during your planning. Please make sure you are adhering to the schedule and are teaching math during the math block.

PTA Pastries-Monday

The PTA will be holding a Pastries with the PTA on Monday morning in the Discovery Lab.

School Board Presentation-Monday afternoon

Perry Harrison will be presenting our school academic and extracurricular focuses at the school board meeting on Monday beginning at 5pm at Northwood. Ms. Lemons' first grade and the drama club will be presenting STEM and a snippet of the play. Please feel free to join us.

mClass Reminders

1. Please be as quiet as possible walking down the hall especially near the K/1 hallway when going to lunch or PE.

2. Invalidations must go to Christina and she will alert me so we can discuss. Invalidation should be rare.

4. Please keep and place the last writing from mclass in the yellow folder.

5. mClass ends on May May 20th.

6. The state and district expects progress monitoring to continue after the benchmarking date.


We will have a MTSS meeting on Tuesday. This meeting will be longer than normal because of us discussing the implementation rubric.

Pre-K screening - Tuesday

Prek will be screening new students in our Discovery Lab on May 10th and 11th.

PTA meeting - Tuesday

There will be a PTA meeting on Tuesday beginning at 7pm in the MPR.

Test Administrator Training-Wednesday.

All test administrators for the End of Grade Test will have training on Wednesday, May 11th, beginning at 3:30 in the Media Center. Please try to read manual ahead of time and email any questions you may have to Dr. Heath.

Proctor Training-Wednesday

All assistants will have training for proctoring on Wednesday, May 11th in the conference room. You may either come at 10am or 2pm for training.

No MTSS PLC this week

There will be no MTSS PLC this week.


Just a reminder that EVAAS is due by May 18th in order to give me a chance to review and send back to you.

Self Paced Modules

If you have not completed the self paced modules from the district staff development please do so as soon as possible. It was due to be completed on April 29th.


We are running low on paper again after ordering 30 boxes in March. Please do not unnecessarily. I will looking into ways to see where we can conserve or where paper is being used unnecessarily this summer.


Just a reminder that we need to continue tight supervision of students these last couple of weeks.