The Comeback of Peyton Manning

By: Sam Jourdan

Peyton's stat comparison

Peyton Manning is the definition of amazing. I mean this guy came back from a serious neck injury, and is better than ever. When Peyton was playing for the Colts he was averaging a 7.7 in passing yards per play, now after his injury he is averaging a 8.1. Also when he was playing with the Colts he averaged 30 passing touchdowns per season, now he averages 43 passing touchdowns. This goes to show how dedicated he is to come back from an injury like that and be better. Also this most recent season Peyton Manning Broke the all time record for passing touchdowns in the NFL. To top it all off Peyton's interception numbers are lower than when he was with the Colts by an average of 4 interceptions overall.

Although some things have stayed the same over the years. For example Peyton's passing rates are the same as when he was with the Colts, averaging at 102. Peyton's defense is also the same averaging 2 tackles per game. I know what your thinking, and yes, a quarterback can get a tackle. Lastly similar to when Peyton played with the Colts, his fumbles have stayed the same through the years averaging 6 per season. On the bright side he usually recovers them and makes a play.

All in all considering everything Peyton Manning is doing better now than he was.

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Peyton's NFL career

Peyton has been a great role model, and always will be. He came back from a serious neck injury, and is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league. First on September 8, 2011 Peyton's season ended, when doctors performed a spinal fusion, due to a damaged nerve in his neck. This nerve was a problem because his throwing arm was getting weakened by it. Next, in hopes of restarting, the colts released Manning, and signed Andrew Luck. Following the release, in March of 2012, Peyton signed a six year contract with the Broncos. That year Manning quickly found his groove again. He continued to go on and lead the league in pass completion percentage, and then lead the Broncos to an AFC west title. Then was named AP comeback player of 2012. Next in 2013, on the first game of the season Peyton matched the league record for most touchdown passes in a game. He later prevailed in the 2013 regular season by making new records for amount of touchdowns in regular season (55), and total passing yards in the regular season (5,477). These achievements in 2013 earned Peyton his 5th MVP award. Yeah that's right, HIS FIFTH MVP AWARD. Lastly in the 2014 NFL season Peyton became the all-time leader in touchdown passes, breaking Brett Farve's record of 508, 533 touchdown passes. This all just shows how amazing Peyton is. I mean he came back from a serious neck injury, got dumped by his team, and then broke multiple NFL records, and in one of the best quarterbacks ever in the NFL.


Peyton's comeback

After his surgeries for his neck, Peyton Manning's career wasn't looking so good for a while. He couldn't push himself up. Even worse two weeks later his arm was still as weak, and his grip in his right hand (his throwing arm) had been weakened. This is when the doctors had realized Peyton had a re-herniated disc. After his second surgery his doctors told him he would eventually get his strength back, but Peyton still wanted to play football so he said i'll work my butt off till I'm back to full strength. this plan did not workout very well because the NFL was in a four month labor lockout, which meant that the could not use their trainers or their training facilities. So Peyton was basically stuck because he didn't want the public to know how weak he was and he couldn't use the colts facilities. Later on Peyton's college friend Todd Helton the first baseman for the colorado rockies said why don't you come down to Denver to train down here and use our trainers. Peyton accepted his offer and went to Denver , and discovered something terrifying...he could only throw 5 yards. Peyton spent no time sitting around. Right away he started practicing re-learning how to throw and all the dynamics. Through all of this and he still started on the first Sunday of the season for the Denver Broncos against the Washington Redskins, and played one of the best games of his career. Here he was against all odds playing a great game. This was the first time the public had seen him in months, and here he was making people's jaws drop. When you think about all the stuff this guy had to go through , and how much perseverance he had, it's just mind blowing.


The facts of the Injury

None of this would have happened if Peyton had not gotten hurt, but they were not surprised that it happened. Reasons for this are, Peyton was born with a neck curvature which posed a potential threat to injury in the game. Pushing his fragile neck to the side, Peyton kept playing all through college and 14 years with the Indianapolis Colts, without missing one single game because of an injury. Until September of the 2010 season against the Texans, when Peyton gets sacked hard by two big bulky linebackers, causing a very serious injury. As an outcome two weeks later they find out that Peyton has a herniated disc. Later on Peyton has a surgery to fix it, but after the surgery the doctors find out he has a re-herniated disc and go back in. Due to this injury and surgery, the Indianapolis Colts decided to let Peyton go. This meant that Peyton had no team and would have to hope a team would pick him up. This injury also caused Peyton to have terrible neck pains. Also this caused people to have a lot of doubt towards him and think he was not coming back. Lastly as a result, Peyton became more weak with his arm, and less self confident.


Peyton's Life

On March 24, 1976, in New Orleans Louisiana, Peyton Williams Manning was born. He was the second of three boys, and his father was the NFL quarterback Archie Manning. Peyton played high school Football at Isidore Newman High School, where he led the team into a 34-5 record, and threw for about 7000 yards his senior year. He was viewed as the nation's number one football recruit senior year. In 1994, Peyton enrolled at the University of Tennessee. During his four year career, Peyton set 42 conference,school, and NCAA records. Peyton was also known to watch loads and loads of footage of his opponents, to find their weaknesses. Now playing for the NFL critics thought that Peyton could not win a big game, until 2007 when Peyton and the Colts beat the Patriots in the AFC title game, and went on to beat the Bears in the 2007 Super Bowl game. On September 8, 2008 Peyton had a spinal fusion, which cost him the season. He spent the next years recovering , and building his strength up. In March of 2012 Peyton signed a contract with the Broncos, and resumed his career. He was playing amazing, he lead the Broncos into the AFC west title, then the next year he lead the broncos to the super bowl where they were beat by the Seahawks. The next year Peyton added to his records by Breaking the all time record for most touchdown passes in the NFL, by scoring 509 (showed below). During Peyton's off season he often hosted/hosts, “Saturday Night Live”, and is often shown on Papa John's commercials. As you can see he’s had a pretty successful life, and is about to add another chapter.