New England Colonies

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut

New Hampshire

New Hampshire was formed in 1623 and started off as a corporate colony. This meant private investors funded voyages. It was later taken away and turned into a royal colony. There is a strong Puritan influence as there is in most New England colonies.


Massachusetts/ Plymouth Rock was founded by the Pillgrams aboard the Mayflower in 1620. They were the first to sign a set of laws called the Mayflower compact before they got to land. They began to be friendly with the Natives so they can survive then later kicked them off of it. Their main source of money was ship building. They were the first in New England to set up town hall meetings as a kind of representative government.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams in 1636 after he had questioned Puritan beliefs. Rhode Island was very liberal and welcoming of everyone. He was joined by Anne Hutchinson who was a separatist who did not believe in Pre-disination. She believe you were able to get right with God on your own terms.


Connecticut was formed by Thomas Hooker in 1636. Be brought a group of Puritans with him from Massachusetts. This is a royal colony because it was given as a charter. Many people farmed in Connecticut.