Literate Environment

A 5th Grade ELA Block Through the Eyes of the Co-Teacher

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Motivation & Grouping

Students are currently grouped in groups based off of Hogwarts houses and the professors. Students work together to gain points in weekly academic contests, surprise challenges, and positive behavior. The goal is to gain the most golden snitches. Students love the positive reinforcement system and actively participate!

Technology In the Classroom

Technology is often used in this classroom to for interventions, whole class assignments, stations, and a way to practice for PARCC. All students in the classroom have a Google Doc and are assigned to a classroom. I-Pads and Web 2.0 tools are often used to support lessons.

Physical Layout

Small Group Suport

Multiple Teachers Multiple Gains

During reading groups ELL and Special Ed. students receive services, that support individual student goals. These teachers also collaborate together to design curriculum and assessments as a 5th grade team. Assessments are given across grade level within Rock Cut Elementary. This collaboration has benefited students and teachers.