By: Laurie Halse Anderson Project made by: Angelique Thomas

Main characters of the book and setting

The main characters are Ruth, Isabell, Madam, Curzon. The setting in the beginning of the book Isabell and Ruth are sold at an auction in the middle of the day. Then the rest of the book the setting is In New York in the 1800s.

Rising Action

Isabell finds out that Madam sold her sister to a sugar cane farm to cut and make sugar. But Ruth, her sister, is to young to do that kind of slavery by herself.



Curzon, Isabels best friend goes to war and is caught by the English army. she finds out that he has been shot in the leg and is is badly infected.

Falling Action

Isabell and Curzon escape from slavery and jail and head to New-Jersy


There is no resolution!!!!! The story is continued in the seaqule 'forge'.
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