Banned Books

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen reasons why by jay asher

When Clay Jenson comes home to a mysterious box and his front porch his life changes. Inside was cassette tapes with recordings of Hannah Baker, Clay's classmate and crush who committed suicide. On the tapes is the thirteen reasons why she committed suicide and Clay is one of them.

Why it was banned

This book was banned because it has drugs, alcohol, sexually explicit, suicide, and being unsuited for the age group. (Cabell County Public Library)

My Opinion

The banning of this book is unreasonable because suicide in 15-24 year olds is the third leading cause of death. This book gives awareness to what leads up to a suicide, something that might be so small blows up. This book goes somewhere where no other book has gone before and that is why it is banned. Parents feel the need to repress information like this but it is happening everyday. If anything this book should be on the recommended or required reading list.


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When it was banned

It was banned in 2012 at the Cambell County Public library