My Digital Life:

A View Of My Digital Life

My Digital Media Simile

My digital life is like a liver because even though you can live without one you still need something to keep you going.

How Big Of A Role Does Digital Media Play in Your Life?

Digital media is pretty important to me because it helps me with my everyday stuff. Throughout the day I use digital media to get my schoolwork done and anything that needs to be done. When I´m at home I use digital media to talk to my friends, play games, watch Netflix and watch YouTube.

Do You Connect With Others Or Create Things With Digital Media?

I connect with a lot of people when I use digital media. I create more friends through digital media then I do in person. When I play video games I connect with a lot of new people from all over the world even places close to me.

What Are The Positive And Not-So-Positive Aspects Of Having Digital Media In Your Life?

A positive thing about having digital media is that you can communicate with a lot of people without being face to face with them. Another positive thing is that if you have nothing to do you can do some schoolwork. A negative thing is that if you have no internet connection you could not do much on digital media. Another negative thing is that you get distracted real easy. (If you got school work to do, do not try and get on media because you will get distracted.)