By: Peyton Nichols

Who was the first person to find Georgia?

James Oglethorpe

What region is Georgia in?


What year did Georgia become a state?

January 2, 1788

What is the capital of Georgia and the latitude and longitude of that capital?

Atlanta- Latitude 34 degrees North, Longitude 84 degrees West

Climate and temperature during summer and Winter?

  • Summer- 75-85 degrees
  • Winter - 45-55 degrees


Mostly is agriculture and has lots of farm land

3 famous people

  • Allen Albert - photographs
  • Thomas Albert - Music
  • Pat Conroy - Author

How did Georgia get it's name?

Named after British King

Main reason people settled here?

To provide a home for there underclass

Why would your group want to settle here?

Land and Gold

Why would you not want to settle here?

If you don't want a lot of farm land

Main religion


Fun Facts

  • 159 counties
  • 350 different kinds of birds
  • 4th state to join union

Main Indian tribe