Rational Exponents And Radicals

By: Jovana Tirado

Definition Of Radicals And Rational Exponents

Radicals- an expression that has a square root , cube root...

Rational Exponents -represents both an integer exponent and a square root

More Of Rational Exponents

Rational exponents are mostly written in fraction form like 2^1/2 , which makes it easier to figure out how to do it .

~ So , let's take 2^1/2 and let's convert it into a square root number

- The base number will be going in side the square root √ 2

- Then you take your fraction 1/2 that will be separated the numerator will go inside with the 2 and the two will go out side

- Your final answer should look like 2√ 2^1

How To Solve Radicals

Watch The Video On How To Do It With This Helpful Video From Khan Academy :