by: Shantal Best


Orlando Florida is the coolest city in the world. You can do so many things in Orlando Florida. You can go to Disney world, Sea World, and the coolest place is Discovery Cove.

Orlando Florida is a great city because you can do so many things. You can go to Disney world. I know all kids want to go to Disney world. It looks cools with the ride. My favorite ride is fast pass+.

Also you can go to Sea World in Orlando Florida. Sea World looks very fun. I think you can swim with the animals. There are cool animals in Sea World. I found you can go on ride like the Manta. It looks fun.

I wish I could go to Discovery Cove because you can swim with dolphins. My third favorite animal is a dolphin. People of all ages can swim with dolphins.

Thanks you for reading my ideas about why you should go to Orlando Florida. If you go you will not be sorry because in Florida there are so many things to do. I hope you liked it.