Sony Dream Robot

Task of the SDR

The SDR (Sony Dream Robot) is used for entertainment. They dance like humans and play instruments. It works in hospitals they give them to patients so they have something to play with and not get bored. They have 38 degrees of freedom. They can pick up objects, twirl objects, and throw objects. It is pre-programmed to do its task.

SDR Sensors

The SDR has many sensors. They have the IR distance sensor, thermo sensor, touch sensor, angler sensor, acceleration sensor, force sensor, and motion sensors. The IR distance sensor determines how far something is. The motion sensors determines on what is moving, so they won't run into anything.

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Impact

Advantages of the SDR it can stop loneness and if you have no friends this can be your friend. When you are bored, it can entertain you. Disadvantages are that it only has 1 hour of battery. The impact is that its a different way to entertain people and when your bored, you can just play with.

Jobs/Careers and Predictions

If it is a really big hit and more people want it, I think it can supply jobs for robotic engineers and the Industry who made it because they would want to make it better so, they would hire people with really great ideas to alter the SDR. I think it can altered to where it can do cool dance moves and flips.
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