Samsung Smart Home Security System

Created by: Trinity Clark& Anahi Alanis

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The Best Home security Yet?

This is one of the most emerging technology yet, to keep your home safe. With-in an app you can control everything that happens in your house. Who wouldn't want to have a a security like this? Keep calm, and trust your home security. This is also not that expensive compared to other home securities that don't protect your house like they say.
Samsung Smart Home "Always On, Connected Home"

How does it work?

Samsung Smart Home Security is a type of home security. You can use your phone to secure your house with in one app. You can control your electronics, water leaks, and monitor your house.

how is it fulfilling?

This new technology helps keep you safe and your house under control. It helps you take care of your house with-in a touch of a finger. You can see everything that is happening in your smartphone.
Samsung SmartThings

How can it help business?

It could help other home securities get more secure using new technologies. This helps other businesses try to innovate to make people feel safer. This can help businesses get secure also.

How does this help humans?

This new technology helps prevent less accident, less break-ins, and more secure lives for people. If there is a leak it will send you a message. If there is any burglar it will call the police and send you a message.
Ashley Blankenship-Samsung Smart Home

Safety concerns of this technology from multiple points of view.

This new technology helps in a lot of forms. However, there could be Guys who know how to hack into the system. There can also be thief who can act like your friends but then go and rob your house, knowing the password to everything. Anything can happen!

What will happen to this technology in the future?

Trinity’s’ and Anahi’s opinion: We think this product will last long, we don’t think it will become forgotten. We think this will be how the future is, secure. This is the beginning of a new, safer future.
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