FS Senior Photo Update

Nov 14, Last Chance Senior Formal Yearbook Photo Session

Last Chance for Formal Senior Portraits

On Friday, Nov 14, seniors who missed the Oct 23 senior photo session are scheduled a LAST CHANCE to have their formal photo taken for the portrait section of the yearbook. Rolland Studios will be in the Commons from 7- 8:30 a.m. This only effect ~85 seniors.

This is your student's LAST CHANCE to have a formal photo taken at this time to appear in the portrait section of the yearbook. Graduation gowns and cords will be provided for seniors to wear in their formal portrait. There is no charge for this photo session.

Please communicate with your student that they should receive a pass by Thursday, Nov 13 to go to the Commons for their Last Chance Senior Photo. If they don't receive a pass by Nov 13, have them visit Mrs. Folsom in rm 115 to get one.

Formal Senior Yearbook Portraits

Save the Date...

Friday, Nov 14 Rolland Studios is coming to Free State to take formal Senior Yearbook Portraits. Avoid scheduling College Visits or doctors' appointments if at all possible.

NOTE: There currently will not be another opportunity to have a formal senior yearbook photo taken.

Keeping it Formal...

Last year Class of 2014 seniors wore graduation gowns, honor stoles and graduation cords in their senior yearbook portraits. This created consistency between photos and provided a formal photo for every senior. This year all senior photos will again be taken by the school portrait photographer. Only formal senior yearbook photos taken by the school photographer are published in the yearbook.

What to wear...

While the graduation gown covers most of a student's outfit keep in mind that the neckline of the gown reveals a little of the shirt below. Young men are encouraged to wear a button down shirt (tie optional) and young women are encouraged to avoid fussy collars that might distract from their face.

How much will the formal portrait cost?

Each senior formal portrait is provided to the yearbook staff by Rolland Studios as a courtesy. There is no charge for having the formal portrait taken. If parents want to purchase prints, Rolland Studios will have information available after October 23.

NOTE: National Honor Society members wear stoles that cover ALL of the students' outfit, so the outfit underneath isn't really going to show.

School ID Photos vs. Formal Senior Yearbook Portraits

Some confusion has arisen in the past over the difference between school photos and the formal senior yearbook portraits.

Here are the differences and similarities:

School photos are...

  1. were NOT taken during Fee Payment days this year
  2. were taken August 21 before and during school
  3. required of all seniors
  4. used on ALL student (sr, jr, soph, fr) school IDs & activity tickets
  5. used in Skyward to identify ALL students (sr, jr, soph, fr)
  6. used in the yearbook ONLY for juniors, sophomores and freshmen

Senior FORMAL yearbook portraits are...

  1. taken Thursday, Oct 23 from 1-4 p.m. in the small gym -OR- Friday, Nov 14 from 7-8:30 a.m.
  2. are the ONLY photos used in the SENIOR portrait section of the yearbook
  3. taken of seniors in graduation gowns and graduation cords

Student Activity Tickets & Student ID Cards

Make sure to receive your Student Activity Tickets by the first football game

Students involved in athletics pay for a Student Activity Ticket as a part of their athletic fees. Parents can also purchase an SAT along with school fee payments so their student can gain admission to school athletic events at a discount and not have to wait in line. By purchasing a SAT early in the season a student can save money versus paying student admission at every athletic event they attend.

Each SAT has the students' School ID Photo on it, so It is important that ALL students (even seniors) participate in the August 21 School ID Photo Day in order to receive their SAT by the first home football game on Friday, Sept 12.

Make sure your student has a photo taken August 21

If your student does not have their photo taken on August 21, they will need show proof of their SAT purchase in order to be admitted to athletic events without paying an additional admission fee.