Michael Vey

Richard Paul Evans

Novel Summary

In the book Michael Vey the boy has a secret that changes his life. The boys secret is that he has electricity surging through his body. He tells his mother that he has the ability to shock, his mom said to just keep it a secret. The only people he told was his mom and his best friend Ostin. one day he was getting beat up by three bullies and he shocked all three of them and told his mom what he did. But someone was watching him when he shocked them. The person was Taylor and she had similar powers as Michael did. both of them were born at the same hospital at the magnetic imagery testing was going on.
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Main Characters

The main character is Michael vey and he is a kid with powers the video will give you a idea what he looks like but he he goes to school and their are bullies that pick on him until one day
This small clip will show what Michael is like and how his life is like.
"Michael Vey" Trailer a New Novel by Richard Paul Evans & Mercury Ink


The setting of the book is at Michael's school and at the Elegen Academy in Pasadena in California

Book Reviews

"Author Evans has created a character that will entertain both adults and children. I found myself absorbed in the story just several pages in. Michael Vey is, ostensibly, an average teenager, 14 years old, who has the same problems as others in that awkward age group. He finds himself the victim of bullying, mostly due to his facial tics, a result of Tourette’s. He doesn’t fit in with most kids in school, and the girls avoid him whenever possible".

~ New York Journal of Books, August 2011

"My kind of book-- fast, funny, and strange. Once Michael's astounding powers are revealed, the shocks keep coming chapter after chapter."

~- R.L. Stine, #1 bestselling author of Goosebumps

"A fast paced, entertaining read with an engrossing story-line and well developed characters…I think [Michael Vey] is going to be a fabulous new series by Richard Paul Evans. It’s exciting, full of action, snark, unique powers and has a group of teens who are worth reading about…I definitely recommend picking this one up.”

~ Mundie Moms

I recomend you to read this book it is a great and inspiring, you should read this becuase it gets you into it right awayand you'll love the book. This book will make you zine everything out and it will seem if you were one of the characters