Kindergarten News ACES

Week Of December 17th

Highlights from last week....

Thank you to all of the parents that came to conferences, it was a pleasure to meet with all of you.

We have finished ALL of our assessments and most of our friends have shown growth.

This week our class read stories about different cultures that make up communities around the world.

We learned the new vocabulary words: cultures, appreciate, proud, tradition, and prefer.

We learned the new sight word "do" and the letter Dd.

In Math, we continued our unit on measurement. We compared weight and volume.

A peek at our week

We are going to be very busy learning this week.

This week, our class will be reading stories about how a community changes their environment—such as by building roads, playgrounds, and community gardens—to improve it.

Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we will be practicing.

Word Workout

  • Vocabulary: community, improve Take a walk or drive around your community. Point out ways that the community is working hard to improve.
  • My Words to Know

High-Frequency Words: to, and, go, you, do Write each of the words on paper and ask your child to trace them. Then write a sentence using each word.

Category Words: position words Play “Simon Says” using position words, such as up, down, over, under, front, back, first, next, and last.

Phonics: i, n, c, o, d Play a guessing game with your child. Ask your child to think of things that begin with each letter.

Comprehension: key details in sequence

Read a short story to your child. Then ask your child to order the story’s pictures by writing first, next, or last under the pictures. Invite your child to retell the story.

In Math, we will continue our unit on measurement. Our focus this week will be on volume. We will discuss what has more or less capacity.

Half Day

We will have a 1/2 day on December 21st.

Holiday Book Swap

We will be having a holiday party on December 21st. In light of the holiday and literacy, we will be participating in a holiday book swap. Your child will pick another child's name and they will buy a book for that child. A notice will be sent out. The dollar value on the books will be between $1.00 and $5.00 (Ocean State Job Lot and Dollar Tree have a great selection for low cost). If it is a hardship and this is not feasible for you, please let us know in advance. We always have extra books that your child can choose and give to their classmate. If you would like to provide a snack, please let us know.

Facebook Page

For more information on Kindergarten fundraisers, events and important dates, please follow the Facebook page is Athol Class of 2031. This page has been set up by the PTO. Thank you.

More information

Many parents are asking what the class needs for supplies. We could use some Clorox Wipes and paper towels. Thank you in advance.


Please practice letters and sounds with your child nightly! Thank you!

Thank you!!

Notes from Mrs. Maillet

We had such a great turnout at conferences! Thank you all for coming in to discuss your child's progress! We have a great bunch of kids in our class. Thank you for all that you do at home to support their progress!

Big shout out to Angelina and Addison for purchasing Clorox wipes and Expo markers for the class, we REALLY appreciate it. Thank you!!!

A notice went home in your child's backpack on Friday about the details for our classroom holiday celebration on December 21st. Please read the notice and provide the requested feedback. Thank you. Also included in the notice was the name of the friend that your child will need to buy a book for. Again, if this is a hardship, please let me know and your child can choose a book from our class to give to their friend.

Notes from Miss Berube

Thank you to everyone that came to conferences! It was great to be able to discuss your childs success and progress. Thank you for all you do at home!

Our holiday celebration is on Friday. It is also a half day and dismissal is at 12pm. Please remember to bring in a wrapped book marked boy or girl. If you are not able to please let me know so I can have your child choose a book from our class to give. If possible, it would be helpful to have these in by Thursday.

Our classroom wishlist: Tissues and clorox wipes.

Thank you for all you do, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with friends and family!

Notes from Mrs. Webb

We are ready for an exciting week! We will continue to follow our routine and review our skills during much of this week.

Friday is a half day of school. Dismissal is at 12:00.

We will make gingerbread houses with our 4th grade buddies on Thursday. Please send in a bag of candy for decorating and either a box of graham crackers or a can of white frosting by Tuesday so I can make sure we have all the supplies we need.

Our holiday celebration will be Friday. Please send in a wrapped book marked "BOY" or "GIRL " for our swap. It would be helpful if I could have these gifts by Thursday.

Mrs. Vitello and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We hope that you are able to spend some time with your family and friends. We look forward to seeing the kids again on January 2nd!

Mrs. Goldthwaite

It was wonderful to have seen most of you for our conferences. We are making great growth. With your continued support we will be making great gains before the end of the school year! Again thank you for all your support.

Our holiday book exchange is on Friday, December 21st. A reminder a boy brings in a boy book and a girl brings in a girl book. With the students name of who the book is from. The book should be wrapped. If there is a hardship please let me know.

This week we will be working really hard. We will find some time to do some great holiday fun too.

This Wednesday we have the NJHS coming from the middle school to read to us and doing a craft.

Thanks to you who came to support our PTO. The make and take craft night was a big success.

Notes from Mrs. Marcoux

Thank you to those who made it to the parent conferences, it was a pleasure to speak with you about your amazing children.

This is the last reminder that we have our holiday party/book swap on Friday, Dec. 21st. Notices went home last week. If you'd like to send in some treats for the party, please let me know so I can coordinate it. We ask that you send in a boy or girl wrapped book ($1-$5 price range) so the children can exchange books. Please contact me a.s.a.p. if this poses a hardship for you.

Have a great, peaceful holiday break.

Mrs. Marcoux