Electronics Engineer

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The Electronics Engineer Yearly Income

The current U.S. annual salary is $123,065 dollars. If you have excellent communication skills and or have a flair for math, IT, technology, and science, this is the job for you!

Work Activities

People in this type of work research, develop, and design the electronic components and equipment for different industries. You often work with different engineers, IT staff, and technicians.

Your Major Job Responsibilities

You will discuss and coordinate with your fellow work members to develop new devices, types of technology, and circuits. You must guarantee that all products work, it must be reliable and able to "perform consistently in operating environments." Plus you must improve the "electronic equipment's detailed design."

Education Requirements.

“Individuals interested in electronics engineering will need at least a bachelor's degree in engineering. The most common engineering degrees awarded are in mechanical, electrical, electronics and civil engineering, according to the BLS. These programs typically allow students to concentrate in a particular field of engineering. Some schools may offer joint electrical/electronic engineering programs.” According to:

The Working Conditions

You will mostly work in labs or in the office, you will mostly work indoors and sometimes outside.

What Impact Do You Think Engineers Will Have On Your Future?

I think engineers will have a great impact on the future, I mean they already have created so many cool inventions. They're already becoming more and more progressive with technology. Who knows what the future will be like!

Is There A Demand For This Job In The Future?

There is a demand for this job, because as technology becomes more advanced we’ll need these engineers to help invent newer circuits, diodes, and capacitors.

Do You Think You’d Be Interested In Pursuing A Career In Engineering? Why Or Why Not?

I think I would be interested in pursuing a career in engineering. I would, because I feel like if I can help make a device that helps people’s lives I would feel so special and honored to help maintain and regulate their lives.

Electronic Engineering