WalkTwoMoons symbolism

By Jonathan Gruver

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One symbols that appears regularly in Walk Two Moons is blackberries ,blackberries usually in an instance of love "Ben touched his lips 'did it taste like blackberry?'"(Creech238) Ben is really asking did it taste like love because it was the first time they kissed.When ever Sal kissed a tree she tasted the faint taste of blackberries she tastes her moms love .Blackberries are being used in a moment of love or lack their of .
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In Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two moons there are many different forms of symbolisum one that is amongst the more common is tulips . tulips appearing pattern shows that tulips suggest rebirth.sals mom said she would return when the tulips blume saland the song sang at gram and gramps weding. In concltion tullips are a symbole of rebirth