Life in the 90's

By Harriet, Lucy, Caroline, Ann Sutherland, and Luke

The 90's was full of new technology including computers, phones, and planes. The 90's also had some great bands such as R.E.M. and U2. Some of the most popular TV shows came out also including Full House, Saved By the Bell, Boy Meets World, Friends, and Seinfeld. The economy was great in the 90's people said it was a new economy. The 90's was full of fun and a growing time for technology.

Technology and Music

The 90's had some new technology including planes, phones, and computers. Another big thing that happened was Microsoft Word went public in 1992. There was a lot of new Artist including R.E.M and U2. There was also new TV shows including Full House, Friends, and Saved By the Bell. The 90,s had a lot of new technology and was still growing to make better.