Fontaine Flier

April 25, 2014

Monday's Fire House Activity 9:00-Students Must Have Tennis Shoes to Participate

Genius Hour Lives Up To Its Name

When I started Genius Hour I had no idea how it would turn out. A majority of teachers around the country have implemented this idea with older students, but I knew this group could handle it. I cannot even find the words to express how impressed I have been with this group of second graders. Their level of passion for their subject matter, their effort, collaboration, and level of creativity has surpassed even my expectations. The maturity and insight they provide to other groups wanting feedback on their projects has been so fun to experience. During indoor recess last week, instead of playing games, almost everyone was begging to work on their Genius Hour projects. One group last week presented information about the dodo bird and convinced our class to "Never Forget the Dodo Bird". Students now are wanting me to make them t-shirts with that logo on it. Stay tuned to see if this project becomes a reality!

Thank You For Coming to Our Education Celebration!

It was so much fun walking around the second grade pod and seeing all the bottle buddies! Again, thank you so much for all your help on this project! They were all incredible. I will really miss having them in our room!

Second Grade is Making Soup on Friday! Information coming home in Monday's backpack!

As part of our plant unit, we will be making vegetable soup on Friday! A note is coming home on Monday with all the details, but we are asking students to bring in a small baggie (snack or sandwich bag size) of clean vegetables to add to our soup. Vegetables can be sent in anytime next week. Thank you in advance your helping us make delicious soup!

Gum Day is Friday! Students may pay $1 to chew gum in school!

All proceeds will help support our student government.

A Great Resource for Parents- Kansas Parent Information Resource Center (KPIRC)

One of my professors introduced me to this website. I found it to have a plethora of interesting information! Check it out if you ever have a free minute. (I know that doesn't happen very often this time of year.) Here is the website-

Second Grade is Heading to Deanna Rose! Tuesday, April 29th 8:40-2:30

We are still in need of parent volunteers for this field trip. Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering. We would love to have you!

Students will need to bring a disposable lunch and wear comfortable shoes. We will be doing a lot of walking. I am crossing my fingers for great weather!

Book Drive-Now through May 3!

Meadow Lane is Collecting Pop Tabs!

Important Dates To Remember

Monday, April 28-Firehouse Activity

Tuesday, April 29-Deanna Rose Field Trip

Friday, May 2-Gum Day

Friday, May 9-Muffins with Mom

Coming Up...

Reading-We will continue to integrate our science and reading. Anchor Text-From Seed to Plant & Soil (Informational text) /Ugly Vegetables (narrative text) The target strategy that we will continue to hit hard is checking for understanding. It is so important that students are aware, as they read, their level of understanding. Currently, we are practicing pausing after each paragraph, page, or small chunk of text, and figure out their level of understanding. We have been labeling our understanding-"Crystal Clear, Foggy, or In the Dark" If students are "foggy" or "in the dark" then they will need to go back and utilize their fix-it strategies.

Spelling-au, aw

Writing-We will be finishing up our final Genius Hour projects, and our Homework Excuse projects.

Science -Plants Last week we planted our Garden in a Glove project. Next week we will be observing our gardens and recording our data.

Social Studies-Fire Safety, Comparing then and now (Deanna Rose field trip)

Math-Topic 15 Measurement

This week we will be learning how to measure with inches, feet and yards, as well as measuring with centimeters and meters.

Specials Schedule


Tuesday-Field Trip