Gender Inequality

One of Many Stories Told About Woman's Mistreatment

A Stolen Life: A Memoir by Jaycee Lee Dugard

A Stolen Life, written by Jaycee Lee Dugard, is a memoir about Jaycee's 18 year story. Jaycee talks about her terrifying story as an abducted and raped victim. When talking about her story she wants to let people know the reason why she decided to relive those painful 18 years to write her story, and is finally be able to use her voice. Her book really goes into every detail and last word said to the best of her memory. This book is definitely a mature read that explains the rapping, manipulation, and most importantly her story of being in captivity for 18 years.
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Her Pre-abduction Story

Jaycee Dugard was a child born into a broken marriage and grew up in Orange County, CA. After Jaycee's few encounters with some older men, Jaycee's mother and stepfather decide to move up to Lake Tahoe, CA. They felt it will be a safer place to raise Jaycee and start a new family. Jaycee was continuously judged by her stepfather and never felt accepted or loved in her home. One morning, at the age of eleven, a walk to her bus stop changed the rest of her and many other lives.


Statistics Worldwide:

74% of kidnapped children are girls

2,300 Girls and Women are kidnapped per day

50% of men abductors sexually assault there victims

From the Text:

"When I was first brought into the room I asked Phillip if he was my father"(47).

"I was told to never say, think, or right my real name"(53)

"I became dependent on Phillip and was happy when he would come into my room"(26).

Kidnapped for 18 Years: The Jaycee Lee Dugard Story