Differences and Similiarities

App Cost

When submitting an app for iTunes it generally cost about .70 cents for each purchase and it comes around to $99/year.

Here is the layout of both stores on mobile

Apps numbers and quality

In recent research the latest number of apps for Apple has been to 675,000. That is 75,000 more than recorded for Goole Play which stands 600,000. I believe that both of these stores have the two best quality apps than any other store. Which I do believe that apple is a little better than the Goole Play apps, but Play's apps have very great quality as well.

Similarites and Differences

There are some similarities and some minor differences between these two. iTunes generally holds 25,000 songs to choose froma and Google holds about 20,000 to choose from and even though that is a nice amount of songs to download from iTunes holds 5,000 more songs. A cool feature Google holds is it allows you to share your music with friends curtiosy to Google+. Another difference is Google takes a day to download a music library where iTunes just takes several minutes. But does that completely make you think that should be your choice of music? Where Google play is free to download and there is a cost to iTunes and just as good quality. So these are some differences and similarites to think about when deciding which app you should use when downloading music.

Focus Areas

I believe that Apple more focuses on the music and Google Play focuses on the movies.