By Callie and Chloe

How can you get you get flexible by exercising?

Tumbling,gymnastics,yoga,karate,ballet are all ways to become more flexible.Make sure you stretch before you exersise so you don't pull something.Flexible means being able to stretch and bend your body.

How can you exercise when you are stuck at home?

Some great ways to get moveing are hula hooping,jump roping,gymnastics.(Make sure you have enough room).

How can we stay safe while exercising?

Some great ways to stay safe are warming up,if something hurts stop,wear loose clothing,be shure to stretch,also drink lots of water.

What exercises make us stronger?

It is important to stay healthy and exercise.Exercising is very important for your heart.The more exercise the stronger your heart gets, therefor your heart can produce more blood.The stronger your muscles are the longer you can exercise.
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