Mike Imperato

Anthem Quote Poster

"Fall Seven Times, stand up eight."- Japanese Proverb

This quote means even if you are sad or mad don't let it get to you just stand up and fight back. If you are hurt stand up and fight the pain.

I think this quote fits Equality and I in many ways. I'll start with it fitting Equality. The council denied his invention, they denied his ideas, they even denied him freedom from his brothers, but after every single denial he still stood back up and became free from his brothers and the World Council.

This fits me because at times I am hurt, at times I am sad, and at times I am mad. I have been denied what I have wanted before, but this doesn't mean I sat there mad, and sad, and hurt. No, I have gotten back up because in life your going to get hurt and get mad and sad but your also going to get back up so you can be happy.

In life everyone needs to use this quote and remember it because it can help everyone, if they are knocked down and pushed around, All they have to do is get back up. This shows pride, bravery, and confidence if they get back up. This is why this quote represents me.